Envision v3 Credit Calculators

ISI is pleased to announce the release of new resources for project teams pursing Envision verification. We have launched a series of four credit calculators for the Envision v3 Rating System. Credit calculators are Excel-based tools that project teams may use to summarize data for specific criteria within a particular credit. The credit calculators are developed by ISI in collaboration with industry subject experts. Use of the credit calculators are optional and complex projects may still need to develop their own methods for responding to specific Envision criteria.

The first series of Envision credit calculators relate to the Resource Allocation subcategory Energy (RA2.x):

  • – RA2.1 Reduce Operational Energy Consumption,
  • – RA2.2 Reduce Construction Energy Consumption,
  • – RA2.3 Use Renewable Energy, and
  • – RA2.4 Commission and Monitor Energy Systems.

The RA2.x credit calculators are now available on your ISI dashboard under Verification Resources.

Our goal is to create credit calculators for all credits in the Envision v3 system where such a calculator would benefit project teams. Based on the credit requirements, ISI has identified 31 credits where such a tool would be of benefit. In the coming months, credit calculators will be released in batches as they are developed and tested in collaboration with industry subject matter experts.

Additional information for project teams:

If submitting one or more of these calculators as part of your Envision verification submission, be sure to convert the Excel spreadsheet to a PDF before uploading.

Note that the credit calculators may form part of the documentation for the credit, but please remember to also submit documentation showing the basis for estimates or achievement of thresholds.

Please send any issues or queries related to the credit calculators to info@sustainableinfrastructure.org, or your ISI point of contact (for registered projects).


Starlight Park Phase 2 Project Earns Envision Gold

(Bronx, NY – February 4, 2021)

The NYC Department of Design and Construction (DDC) and NYC Parks announced today that Phase 2 of the project to construct a continuous greenway through Starlight Park in the Bronx has been selected to receive an Envision Gold Award from the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI). The project is being managed by DDC for NYC Parks.

The $41 million, multi-staged project is closing a critical gap in the Bronx River Greenway and linking communities that had been isolated by highways and train lines. The first phase of the project was completed in summer 2020, while the second phase is expected to be completed in summer 2022.

Learn more about Starlight Park