New Envision Supported Agencies

Envision Supported Agencies (January — April 2021)

Every quarter ISI honors public agencies who have joined ISI. The list below includes all of the public agencies that were added as members between the months of January through April 2021.

We are extremely proud to see more public agencies recognizing Envision’s value in building better infrastructure.

Public agencies receive free membership with ISI and discounts on ENV SP credentials and verification.

To learn more about each new member, view their websites below.

Santa Clara Valley Water District 
Unified Government of Wyandotte County
The New York Economic Development Corporation
City of San Marcos
Metro Vancouver
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA)
City of Cleveland — Mayor’s Office of Capital Projects
Les Ponts Jacques Cartier et Champlain Iincorporée
County of Hawaii
City of San Clarita
Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority


Port of Portland’s Rental Car Quick Turnaround Facility Earns Envision® Gold Rating

The new Quick Turnaround (QTA) facility at the Portland International Airport (PDX) opened in March 2018 and recently earned the ENVISION® Gold rating for sustainable infrastructure. This $67 million facility improves rental car processing operations, making it quick and easy for airport travelers to rent clean, fueled cars ready for use. The QTA facility is the first large infrastructure project completed as part of a suite of capital projects at PDX geared towards modernizing the airport’s infrastructure to meet the growing needs of airport travelers, employees, and tenants.

The QTA facility is three times the size of the previous rental car facility, providing employees with more efficient workspace. During peak demand, 220 rental car employees can work efficiently to clean and fuel 430 cars per hour, making the whole system of processing rental cars much faster.

To learn more about this project, read about it in our Project Awards Directory


Oxford Retention Basin Multiuse Enhancement Project Achieves Envision® Platinum Rating

The Oxford Retention Basin is a flood control facility operated by the Los Angeles County Flood Control District. This $14.7 million project is located in the seaside community of Marina del Rey in Los Angeles County, California. This multi-benefit project modernized the 10.7-acre facility to improve local water quality, flood protection, and ecological health. The project involved the construction of a meandering berm to facilitate circulation of local urban runoff and tidal flows through the basin to sustain a habitat for native plants and wildlife, and it added observation areas, educational signage, park benches, walkways with eco-friendly lighting and bike paths to the periphery.

Learn more by reading the announcement in the Project Awards Directory

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