ISI has an impressive line-up of webinar topics and speakers for 2022. Learn timely information, while advancing your knowledge of sustainable, resilient, and equitable infrastructure. Our webinars are designed to meet the needs of a range of sustainability practitioners — from Envision Sustainability Professionals (ENV SPs) who have worked on numerous Envision projects, to those just starting out on their sustainability journey, to everyone in-between.

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Net Embodied Carbon
Presented by Michelle Christopherson, WSP; Frank Schwamborn and Rebecca Ramsdale, Verdical Group
Wednesday, December 7, 2022, 2:00 – 3:30 pm ET

Zoom registration link: Net Embodied Carbon

The presentation will define common carbon-related terms, explain how embodied carbon is measured and tracked, and discuss strategies for how to reduce your project’s embodied carbon.

The goal is to walk the audience through real-life hurdles to make significant embodied carbon emissions reductions. Experts will share rationale and common embodied carbon reduction strategies, and discuss the lessons learned from project experience to overcome challenges.



Missed one or more of our webinars? Not to worry, recordings of past webinars are available through the “All Courses” library in your ISI account.

Envision Implementation: Organization-wide Strategies: Best Practices for Using Envision on Projects and Across Portfolios
Wednesday, January 26, 2022
*This webinar qualifies toward 2 prescribed hours of education toward ENV SP credential maintenance.

An increasing number of public and private sector stakeholders are using Envision to plan, design, and deliver more sustainable infrastructure by setting standards, establishing policies, and pursuing verification.

Part 1 of this 2-part webinar demonstrates how Envision can be used to develop a holistic approach that extends beyond individual project success. Leaders from across all industry sectors offer detailed examples that illustrate ways Envision has bolstered their sustainable business practices. These examples are intended to inspire new approaches that can be strategically integrated into everyday operations. Part 2 further shows how Envision may be used as a tool to implement best practices and enhance designs beyond the success of individual projects.  The examples illustrated throughout this course are models for Envision that standardize implementation approaches across the project life cycle.


U.S. Federal Sustainability Plan: Goals and Strategy

Presented by Andrew Mayock, Federal Chief Sustainability Officer
Wednesday, March 2, 2022


Nuts and Bolts for Local Government: Building Internal Support, Training Staff & Operationalizing Process

Presented by Carol Davis, Town of Blacksburg
Wednesday, March 9, 2022

What does it take to integrate the Envision framework into the way your local government approaches infrastructure?

Carol Davis, the Sustainability Manager for the Town of Blacksburg, Virginia will share background on why her community came to embrace Envision, how key decision-makers and staff were engaged and trained, and how Blacksburg integrated Envision into critical process steps that intersect with the lifecycle of infrastructure projects, from early visioning to post-construction operations.


Exploring the Nexus of NEPA, Sustainability, and Envision
Presented by Caroline Pinegar, HNTB Corporation; Lauren Evans, Pinyon Environmental, Inc.
Wednesday, March 30, 2022

This webinar will focus on the benefits of starting the Envision process during early planning phases and specifically during the implementation of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (NEPA) process.

The potential advantages and early lessons learned while working on projects that are committed to an Envision certification by the time the NEPA process begins will be discussed.  The presenters’ initial experiences have shown that projects undergoing NEPA are able to take advantage of the synergies between NEPA and Envision and vice versa.


Federal Sustainable Infrastructure Initiatives: The Department of Energy’s Strategies and New Policy to Reach Zero-Emissions Goals
Presented by Ingrid Kolb, Chief Sustainability Officer, U.S. Department of Energy
Wednesday, April 6, 2022

A core component of the Executive Order 14057 Catalyzing Clean Energy Industries and Jobs Through Federal Sustainability (December 2021) calls for reducing emissions across all federal operations and investing in American clean energy industries. Ingrid Kolb joins us for the Federal Sustainable Infrastructure Initiatives webinar series to discuss how the Department of Energy (DOE) will contribute to reaching goals of 100 percent carbon pollution-free electricity by 2030 and reducing overall emissions of DOE buildings and operations to net zero along a similar timeline. Recognizing the combination of increasing vulnerabilities in a changing climate and aging infrastructure, Ms. Kolb will outline rigorous strategies including: acquisition of zero emission vehicles and supporting infrastructure; demonstrating zero emission buildings; exploring onsite renewable energy generation; building more climate- and sustainable-ready sites; and establishing new policies that require higher energy efficiency for new construction of DOE buildings. The Department of Energy wants your input as well – join the conversation during this special webinar series to share how you think we can collaborate for a more sustainable future.


Envision Highlights Omaha RiverFront Innovation – A Credit Deep Dive
Presented by Kristyna Engdahl, MECA and Jennifer Ninete, HDR
Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The Riverfront Revitalization Project (known locally as The RiverFront) was Platinum Envision verified in October 2021. The first project in Nebraska to receive Envision recognition is transforming downtown Omaha along the Missouri River by connecting three parks near the city’s downtown core, including the Gene Leahy Mall, Heartland of America Park, and Lewis and Clark Landing. This transformation includes numerous innovative elements that were highlighted in the project’s Envision submittal. The webinar will examine the project’s Quality of Life and Leadership innovation credits, in addition to providing some insight into the overall verification process.


Federal Sustainable Infrastructure Initiatives: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Infrastructure Priorities
Presented by Michael Connor, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Mr. Connor has set numerous goals and priorities for his office and the Corps during his tenure, which he will speak about during this webinar. These goals and priorities include: upgrade waterways and ports to strengthen supply chains and economic growth; build innovative, climate-resilient infrastructure to protect communities and ecosystems; modernize civil works programs to better serve the needs of disadvantaged communities; invest in science, research, and development to deliver enduring water-resource solutions; and strengthen communications and relationships to solve water resource challenges.


Foundational Decade for Advancing Sustainable Infrastructure
Presented by Lindsey Geiger, PE
Wednesday, June 8, 2022

ISI’s 10-year history is built on a foundation of grassroots advocacy by people who are passionate about sustainable infrastructure. This course showcases the key influencers, along with the milestone projects that served as the platform for ISI’s growth and increasing Envision use across the U.S., Canada, and globally.  It also prepares ENV SPs for advocacy by strengthening their foundational knowledge of ISI and the Envision framework. Examples are presented to demonstrate success by ISI members, ENV SPs, and project teams throughout the past 10 years. These will inform future efforts and inspire expanded use of Envision.


The City of Fort Wayne’s Journey with Envision
Presented by: Pat Carney, City of Fort Wayne
Wednesday, July 20, 2022

This presentation covered Fort Wayne’s implementation of Envision within the City Utilities Engineering Department and lessons learned. Beginning with engaging design, engineering and construction firms, the speaker will show how over 50 projects have used the Envision framework as part of the project process. Creation of custom internal guidance documents helped quantify the Envision credits, and these documents will be exemplified through practical use cases.


Socially Just and Equitable Infrastructure; COVID-19: Road to Recovery
*This course qualifies toward 2 prescribed hours of education toward ENV SP credential maintenance.
Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Part one of this two-part webinar took a look at how justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion intersect with the infrastructure industry. Their importance and relationship with each other are explored, while the process of how to achieve and measure equitable outcomes is provided.

Part two began by comparing and contrasting how various infrastructure sectors were affected by the shock of COVID-19, prior to focusing on the emphasis of resilience, and its requirement to safeguard infrastructure assets from future “black sheep” events.


Long Beach Municipal Urban Stormwater Treatment Project – Designing with Sustainability in Mind
Presented by: Colin Averill, City of Long Beach Public Works; and Ed Othmer, Stantec
Wednesday September 28

The Long Beach Municipal Urban Stormwater Treatment Project (LB-MUST) is a comprehensive and innovative regional project that will intercept and treat dry weather runoff and first-flush storm flows generated within the City of Long Beach before discharging to the Los Angeles River and Estuary. The centralized downstream advanced treatment facility has a planned capacity capable of collecting and diverting approximately 41% of the City’s 12,200-acre watershed. This treatment facility will assist with the compliance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit, including Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs). Treated water will be used as an alternative water supply for the irrigation of City parks and for a wetland to be constructed next to the treatment facility, which will provide additional treatment/water polishing and a recreational amenity for the nearby community. After proceeding through a rigorous independent third-party project verification process, the LB-MUST project earned Envision Platinum for sustainable infrastructure from the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure and is poised to achieve LEED Silver.


Envision, Taking a Systems Approach to Sustainable Infrastructure
Presented by: Mary Simmerer, California Department of Water Resources
Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Infrastructure creates the groundwork for human activities and human communities. It undergirds the structure of the economy and ties into other systems, creating interlocking systems. When building new infrastructure, ignoring the system approach means the resulting infrastructure is less effective and less able to tie into other systems. The risk of system failure is, therefore, high.

Using the Envision rating tool helps identify critical system components and brings system solutions to system problems. This presentation highlights basic-system-theory principles and shows how using Envision works with basic-system principles to create healthier, more sustainable infrastructure.


November 15, 2022: Pre-conference courses (in advance of ISI’s Third Annual Virtual Conference)

Pre-conference courses will be held in the morning on November 15, 2022. These courses will qualify towards prescribed hours for ENV SP credential maintenance and will be hosted through the conference link in Zoom Events, without requiring a separate registration. 1 pre-conference course will be held in the afternoon on November 15 — Fundamentals of Envision and Sustainable Infrastructure. Details on these courses are available here:


November 16 – 17, 2022

ISI’s annual sustainable infrastructure conference returns! Infrastructure is relied on for all basic human needs and services, but yesterday’s infrastructure is no longer sufficient. Communities are Expecting More — the theme of our conference this year.