Gord Lovegrove

Dr. Gord Lovegrove is associate professor of sustainable communities at UBCO’s School of Engineering.  He regularly takes practising professionals and UBC students on Go Global courses to tour and study the planning and design of New Towns in Holland, one of the worlds’ wealthiest, healthiest, and most sustainability-oriented countries.  Gord is vice president of technical programs for the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering.  He is also leading the development of the Okanagan’s first cohort of community housing, aka Co-Housing.  He is a co-author of several books on sustainable community design, including ASCE’s “Engineering Sustainable Communities”, and, the UBCO STS’s upcoming “SMARTer Growth”.  Dr Lovegrove and his team are also researching zero-emission rail power, and are about to launch Canada’s 1st hydrail powered vehicle, Hydrail 1.  For more information: https://sustainablecommunities.ok.ubc.ca/