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Apice-Hirpinia Section of the Naples-Bari Railway Line Earns Envision Platinum Award

The Naples-Bari line is an integral part of the Scandinavian-Mediterranean railway corridor of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T). The expansion project, currently being carried out in phases, consists of doubling and speeding up some sections of the current line to 200 km per hour in order to increase the capacity, frequency and regularity of transport services; improve accessibility; and facilitate more efficient travel from Bari to Naples and Rome. In 2026, the year in which this project is expected to be completed, it will be possible to go from Bari to Rome in about three hours and from Bari to Naples in about two.

Envision verification has been obtained for the Apice-Hirpinia railway section, designed by Italferr for its client RFI. This constitutes the 1st Functional Lot of the project for doubling and upgrading the Apice – Orsara section of the Naples – Bari line, between the Apice Station and the new Hirpinia stop for a total extension of approximately 18.7 km of line.

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