Argo Drain Sub-Basin Facility in Los Angeles earns Envision Silver

The Argo Drain Sub-Basin Facility (Argo Drain) in Los Angeles, California, is the recent recipient of the Envision Silver award for sustainable infrastructure. Situated on Los Angeles World Airports property, the Argo Drain will accommodate a watershed area of approximately 2,200 acres. The primary purpose of the Argo Drain is to transport water via gravity to a diversion structure where the flow will be treated and pumped into underground infiltration passageways to recharge the groundwater basin. The Argo Drain will promote public health, preserve and restore marine and plant habitat, and improve water quality in the Santa Monica Bay area and nearby beaches. The Argo Drain will also support recreational facilities after construction, adding to the planned vibrancy of the area. This project is part of the City of Los Angeles Clean Water Initiative, also known as “Proposition O”.

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