Clearwell 9 Replacement Project Recognized with Envision Verified Rating for Sustainability

The City of Evanston’s $20M Clearwell 9 Replacement Project includes the replacement of a five million gallon treated water storage reservoir with a new similarly sized facility, a new overflow, a new submersible pumping system, and site piping modifications. A parking lot was also converted into green space as part of this project.

The original Clearwell had been operational since 1934. After decades of serving the community, the project deteriorated, which prompted the city of Evanston to determine its long-term needs for treated water storage. A lifecycle cost analysis was undertaken to determine the best course of action for the facility: repair it or replace it. The study concluded that it would be most cost-effective to replace the Clearwell. In addition to a badly deteriorated roof, the characteristics of the existing pumps in the system were such that the bottom several feet of the reservoir could not be pumped out. This meant the city of Evanston was not able to utilize the full stored volume of water.

Many factors contributed to this project’s Envision award, including improving views, enhancing community aesthetics, adding new public space, engaging stakeholders, and protecting the natural world.

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CSCE & ISI Partner to Accelerate the use of Envision® in Canada

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CSCE & ISI Partner to Accelerate the use of the Envision® Sustainable Infrastructure Framework in Canada

Washington, D.C., December  7, 2021 – Communities across Canada are looking for ways to improve the sustainability and resiliency of the built environment, address infrastructure deficits, spur economic recovery, and meet climate change commitments. Recognizing the importance of these crucial goals, the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) and the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) are pleased to announce their partnership to accelerate the use of the Envision® sustainable infrastructure framework more broadly in Canada.

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La Société canadienne de génie civil et l’ISI s’associent pour accélérer l’utilisation du cadre Envision® pour les infrastructures durables au Canada

Les collectivités de partout au Canada cherchent des moyens d’améliorer la durabilité et la résilience de l’environnement bâti, de combler les lacunes en matière d’infrastructure, de stimuler la reprise économique et de respecter les engagements en matière de lutte contre le changement climatique. Consciente de l’importance de ces objectifs cruciaux, la Société canadienne de génie civil (SCGC) et l’Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) sont heureux d’annoncer leur partenariat visant à accélérer l’utilisation du cadre Envision® pour les infrastructures durables à plus grande échelle au Canada.

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Gordie Howe International Bridge Earns Envision Platinum Rating


The Gordie Howe International Bridge will provide an essential international crossing between Windsor, Ontario, Canada and Detroit, Michigan, in the United States. This is a once-in-a-generation undertaking that will deliver significant and much-needed transportation improvements for international travelers and will provide jobs and economic growth opportunities, among other benefits.

The Windsor-Detroit trade corridor is considered the busiest commercial border crossing between Canada and the United States, accounting for more than 25 percent of all surface trade between the two countries. The Gordie Howe International Bridge will provide for redundancy at the critical trade corridor with improved border processing and highway-to-highway international connectivity. It also addresses future needs and will provide six lanes to meet anticipated growth in traffic over the years to come.

This project is being delivered through a public-private partnership (P3), a model where the private- and public-sector partners assume an appropriate share of the risks and where the private-sector’s expertise, efficiencies, and innovations are utilized in the delivery of this large-scale project. The P3 model is also good for taxpayers. An independent value-for-money analysis concluded that the P3 model will result in project savings of more than $560 million, a 10.7% difference compared to more traditional procurement methods.

Learn more about the sustainability, resiliency, and equity of this project in the Project Awards Directory.

Envision Packet

Are you looking for a way to showcase Envision® sustainability and help others fully comprehend exactly what it can do? The 14-page Envision packet may be precisely what you need.

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The Vista Canyon Regional Transit Center Awarded Envision® Verified for Sustainable Infrastructure

When complete, the Vista Canyon Regional Transit Center will be one of  Southern California’s most well-connected, transit-friendly communities, and ISI is proud to announce that the project has been Envision® Verified for Sustainability.

The seven-bay bus transfer station is part of the larger Vista Canyon development in the city of Santa Clarita, California. Since the Vista Canyon Regional Transit Center is strategically located, it will be much easier for people to get around Santa Clarita, the Valley, and other destinations. In addition to bus transportation, the project will also provide important linkages to pedestrian, cycling, and rail option, but those are just a few of the key sustainability achievements.

Please view the Public Profile announcement in the Project Awards Directory .

ASCE & ISI Partner for Envision Training in November

The American Society of Civil Engineers, in partnership with Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure, is hosting a live virtual credentialing class for folks who wish to become Envision Sustainability Professionals (ENV SPs). Michael F. Bloom, PE, ENV SP will be the instructor for the class, which will be conducted over two partial days in early November 2021.

Register here:  ASCE members receive an additional 100-dollar discount.

November 8 & 9
Date and Time: 11:00 a.m.  – 3:30pm ET



STM’s Underground Garage near the Côte-Vertu Metro station in Montréal earns Envision Platinum for Sustainable Infrastructure

STM’s Underground Garage near the Côte-Vertu Metro station in Montréal earns Envision Platinum for Sustainable Infrastructure

–French Translation Follows–

The Garage souterrain pour voitures de métro a proximité de la station Côte-Vertu (Côte-Vertu garage) project was conceptualized in response to a need for an accessible location to maintain and park trains while relieving mounting pressure on a busy and growing metro network. The underground garage comprises a 10-story building that includes a track for trains to circulate from the Côte-Vertu station to the garage, a large area with a network of tracks to divert trains once they arrive, and three underground tunnels, including two tunnels to park and one to maintain trains.

The goals of the project are to:

— Provide a parking area for trains
— Increase the capacity of the metro network, enabling the addition of trains on the Orange line, thereby increasing service frequency during rush hour
— Support the anticipated growth of the metro network over the next ten years
— Ensure enough capacity for the eventual expansion of the Blue line.

View the entire announcement in the Project Awards Directory.

–French Translation–

Le projet de garage souterrain pour voitures de métro (Garage Côte-Vertu) de la Société de transport de Montréal (STM), a été conçu en réponse à plusieurs besoins dont celui d’avoir un endroit accessible pour entretenir les trains et celui d’équilibrer les espaces de stationnement aux extrémités de la ligne desservie. Situé à proximité de la station Côte-Vertu, il permettra une plus grande fréquence de passages afin de soulager la pression croissante sur une ligne de métro déjà chargée. Le garage Côte-Vertu est constitué de trois bâtiments de surface, dont un bâtiment de dix étages qui plonge sous terre jusqu’aux tunnels pour y loger un atelier d’entretien. Le projet comporte aussi une voie de raccordement pour que les trains puissent accéder au garage à partir de la station terminale Côte-Vertu et un imposant faisceau avec plusieurs appareils de voies pour guider les trains vers l’un des trois tunnels.

Les objectifs du projet sont de:

— Ajouter dix espaces de stationnement pour les trains du métro ;
— Augmenter la capacité du réseau de métro avec l’ajout de trains sur la ligne orange ce qui accroitra la fréquence de service jusqu’à 25 % aux heures de pointe ;
— Soutenir la croissance de l’achalandage prévue pour les prochaines années;
–Augmenter l’offre de service en vue du prolongement de la ligne bleue.

Projet vérifié par Envision