Envision and COVID-19 – Challenges & Opportunities

This document outlines some of the challenges that project teams are likely to face during these unprecedented times, and it also outlines strategies for overcoming them. For example, stakeholder engagement and public consultations will be difficult, if not impossible right now, due to restrictions on in-person and group gatherings, so this document acknowledges those challenges and provides teams with alternative approaches to achieving their sustainability goals.
Also within this document, teams are provided with a number of opportunities. For example, COVID-19 may cause supply-chain interruptions that could affect the choice and availability of materials. Therefore, there is an opportunity for project teams to explore whether materials from local suppliers are potentially more attainable than those received from suppliers who are located farther away.
The document also acknowledges that working remotely may pose significant challenges for project teams as they are preparing their projects for verification. Please view the Envision COVID-19 document in its entirety, and if you have any questions, please contact ISI communications.