Envision Outside the USA

Would you like to see Envision® being used in your country or community but don’t know how to get things started?

On July 27, 2021, at 9 a.m. ET, we’ll talk live on LinkedIn with Lorenzo Orsenigo, the CEO of ICMQ SpA.  Orsenigo and his team were instrumental in getting Envision going in Italy, and they have verified numerous projects.  ICMQ SpA also recently signed a new agreement with ISI.

Many individuals who live around the globe are interested in using Envision, but they are struggling with how to get the ball rolling. The president of ICMQ SpA can offer valuable insight, tips, best practices, and lessons learned.

This podcast will be on how ICMQ SpA came about, how they were able to get things going in Italy with respect to membership, credentialing individuals, and verifying projects. We’ll discuss challenges, successes, and the future.

To learn about ICMQ SpA’s CEO Lorenzo Orsenigo, please read his Curriculum Vitae.

Sign up for the ‘Sustain or Explain’ (SOE) LinkedIn Live video podcast event or just show up and watch. Feel free to ask some questions and engage with us.