Envision V3 Release

Launching Envision v3

April 17, 2018



ISI is thrilled to announce the launch of Envision® v3. This new version is the result of a multi-year collaborative process involving technical committees, Envision users, the Envision Review Board, the ISI Board of Directors, ISI’s dedicated staff, and feedback incorporated from users and technical experts during the public comment period.

The new version incorporates emerging industry trends and continues to push the leading edge of sustainable practices. Some changes to the framework are significant, while others are minor. Rest assured, the true ‘nuts and bolts’ of the Envision framework have not been altered. Envision remains a sustainability framework focused on assessing the sustainable attributes of all types and sizes of infrastructure projects.

The new manual is now available here on the ISI website. Members can download the file after logging in to their account. If you are new to ISI, you can register for an account to view the manual online.

For a more detailed explanation of v3 changes, review “ENVISION v3: What You Need to Know & Frequently Asked Questions.”



Goals of Envision v3

  • Address current trends in the infrastructure industry.
  • Improve framework based on lessons learned during real-world application.
  • Create cost-effective, resource-efficient, and adaptable long-term infrastructure.
  • Broaden the reach of Envision.

We will be rolling out several tools and resources related to Envision v3 in the next few months. Below you will find a few highlights of the new version and a high-level overview of changes.


Highlights of Envision v3


  • Reorganization/revision of credits: Some credits have been revised, while others have been rewritten or moved to a different category; a few credits were merged.See the credit changes here.
  • Expanded scope credits: New credits on lifecycle economic evaluation, equity and social justice, and sustainable community planning.
  • New construction-focused credits: Improve Construction Safety, Minimize Construction Impacts, Reduce Construction Waste, Reduce Construction Energy Use, Reduce Construction Water Use.
  • Improved manual format: New section specifically explains what performance improvement looks like for each credit.
  • Verification process pathways: Under Envision v3, projects may choose to pursue verification either after the design phase (at or after 95% design completion) or after the construction phase (at or after 95% construction completion).Learn more about verification changes here.

What You Need to Know

Elemental Differences




  • Currently registered projects can continue to verify under Envision v2 or choose to move to v3, at no cost, provided the verification process has not already begun for your project.
  • All v2 projects will be required to complete verification by December 31, 2020, unless special permission has been granted by ISI. To ensure projects complete verification by the sunset date, ISI recommends submitting Envision v2 projects for verification by no later than July 2020.
  • New projects can register under Envision v2 or v3 through December 31, 2018.
  • Beginning January 1, 2019 all new projects must register under v3.
  • Under Envision v3, projects may choose to pursue verification either after the design phase (at or after 95% design completion) or after the construction phase (at or after 95% construction completion). Learn more


Rate Changes

Review “ENVISION v3: What You Need to Know & Frequently Asked Questions” for rate details

  • The verification fee structure has been updated.
  • Training rates will change when the new training modules and exam are available.
  • The Credential Maintenance Program will include a yearly maintenance fee. See “Credential Maintenance Program Rollout” below for details.
  • Membership benefits and fees change, and individual memberships are now available.



Credential Maintenance Program Rollout

In conjunction with Envision v3, ISI is implementing a credential maintenance program. Maintaining an active credential demonstrates continued relevance to the sector and strengthens the meaning of “ENV SP.”

Credential maintenance requirements will begin in June 2018 with the publication of the Envision v3 online training course and exam. The table below outlines the requirements and rate structure.


*User’s choice education hours include ISI courses or activities and qualifying content provided by other industry entities. A full explanation of continuing education requirements will be provided when the program launches.


ISI Membership

Note that an ENV SP credential is not synonymous with ISI membership. If your employer is a member, you are a member. Check to see if your employer is a member by finding them on the list of or the list of Envision Qualified Companies or the list of Envision Supported Agencies. If your employer is not on either of these lists, you may speak to your employer about becoming a member or become an individual member.



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