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Marshalltown Generating Station, Marshalltown, Iowa

April 25, 2017

Alliant Energy’s Marshalltown Generating Station in Iowa is the recipient of the Envision Platinum award from the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI). The facility is the first in Iowa to earn an Envision sustainable infrastructure award.

“We are proud to receive the Envision Platinum Award for our Marshalltown Generating Station project,” said Doug Kopp, president of Alliant Energy’s Iowa utility. “The facility advances clean energy for our customers and communities, while significantly reducing our environmental footprint.”

The Marshalltown Generating Station is a natural gas combined cycle facility. It has a 650-megawatt capacity, providing enough electricity to power 500,000 Iowa homes and businesses. The generating station will emit less than half the carbon dioxide, about two-thirds less nitrogen oxide and roughly 99 percent less sulfur and mercury compared to the traditional coal-fired generation.

“Envision definitely helped our project team design and deliver more sustainability and economic benefits in the development of our Marshalltown facility,” added Kopp. “The system guided and enabled us to add several environmentally-friendly features to our construction and site plans.”

Alliant Energy worked in close collaboration with HDR, a leading architectural, engineering and consulting firm, to deliver the Marshalltown Generating Station project that resulted in an Envision award.

The $700 million dollar facility is expected to bring millions of dollars in tax revenue benefits to Marshall County and to the state of Iowa. The project is generating a number of additional benefits for the local community, including improved quality of existing electric and gas capacity for businesses, industry and the public. The new gas pipeline connecting the existing Northern Border Power pipeline and the Marshalltown Generating Station was sized to meet expected future population growth and increased demand for natural gas in the Marshalltown area. Improving the natural gas delivery system in the city will also lower the long-term delivery cost of natural gas to the community, thereby saving residents and businesses an estimated $1 million annually.

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