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Free Webinar: “How to quantify sustainability in infrastructure? ENVISION Evaluation System”. (In Spanish)

Next November 30th, 2017 at 1:00 pm (EST) Cristina Contreras ENV-SP, and Research Associate at Harvard University will be leading the webinar “¿Cómo cuantificar la sostenibilidad en infraestructura? Sistema de Evaluación ENVISION®”. This Spanish-taught webinar is sponsored by the World Bank through their Knowledge Platform on Environmentally Sustainable Infrastructure Construction in Latin America and the Caribbean (KPESIC)

The webinar has two main objectives:

  1. Analyze what is the current situation at a global level in the integration and promulgation of sustainable practices in infrastructure projects.
  2. Provide an overview of the system for quantifying sustainability in Envision infrastructure.

The Envision evaluation system was developed between the Institute for  Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) and Harvard University in 2012 and has now become the standard used in the US and Canada, having also been applied to more than 40 projects in Latin America (in collaboration with the IDB). This introductory webinar will set the foundation for other sector-specific webinars to follow. Coming webinars will look at the application of Envision to other energy, transportation on water projects.

To register for this FREE webinar:

For more information, contact Cristina Contreras Casado at or