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Cristina Contreras, ENV SP, will be discussing Envision in her presentation in Madrid at the Spanish Institution of Civil Engineers’ Global Conference on Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure.

“The main objective of this global conference is to discuss the integration of sustainable practices during the financing, planning, design, construction and operation of an infrastructure project, and the inclusion of this approach in the decision-making processes. We will also look at sustainability and resiliency as the best strategy to add VALUE and QUALITY to the projects, to the surrounding environment and to all the stakeholders participating in the infrastructure development, as well as the best way to introduce cost-effectiveness solutions in the long term. To raise public awareness on the relevance of this approach and, so, to discuss the ways to include this concept in the decision making and bidding processes. To show and discuss current trends in the sector with global leaders, and find business opportunities through an open forum of discussion. This conference will integrate different perspectives from policymakers and regulators, investors and project developers, operators and contractors, planners and designers, banks, global agencies or academia among others. A Global approach will be provided including speakers from Europe, America, Asia, and Africa.”