First Envision Conference and Envision Award in Europe

On May 7th, 2019 in Milan ICMQ along with supporters Stantec, and Civiltà di Cantiere were joined by speakers from RFI (Italian Railway Network), Intesa Sanpaolo, NET Group, e2i, Terna, and the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure.

Lorenzo Orsenigo, Managing Director of ICMQ, led the conference with discussing the value of Envision for local communities:

“The infrastructure project must first of all take into account the primary objectives of the community, defining what and how many long-term benefits it can really derive, while improving the liveability of the community. It must also evaluate and integrate the needs, objectives and values ​​of the community, ie it must be able to enhance those characteristics that make it unique and exclusive. However, the analysis of the sustainability of an infrastructure must not be left to chance, but must be carried out with a methodology that takes all aspects into consideration and produces an objective assessment of its impacts”.

The highlight of the event was the presentation of the first Envision award in Europe to RFI (Italian Railway Network) for the Frasso Telesino–San Lorenzo Maggiore section of the Naples–Bari Railway Line. Speaking of the diffusion of the Envision Protocol in Italy, Giulia Costagli, Head of Studies and Innovative Projects of the Italian Railway Network, said:

“The Envision certification for the Frasso Telesino–San Lorenzo Maggiore section–the first in the world for an extended railway line, obtained with the highest level achievable, Platinum–is the confirmation of the attention and commitment of the Italian Railway Network  for sustainability, an essential value that directs the strategies and the development of the company’s activities. The teamwork carried out in synergy between RFI and the Campania Region has allowed us to refine some aspects of the design, directing it to be more and more “respectful” of the environment and the territory. RFI will try to apply the Envision protocol also on other projects with the aim of enriching the transport value of its interventions also with greater value for the communities, through savings and the efficient use of the natural resources of the territory crossed ”.

In 2015 ISI partnered with ICMQ to administer Envision in Italy. The ICMQ institute for certification and quality branding for products and services for construction is a non-profit association that encompasses numerous sector associations operating in every part of the construction industry. ICMQ operates in compliance with international, European and Italian standards which regulate the activities of certification bodies, and strives to provide an extremely high quality service. Follow the link to learn more about the Envision Italia initiative.

Left Image, from left to right: Lorenzo Orsinigo, Managing Director ICMQ; Emanuela Sturniolo, South Europe Operations Director Stantec; Anthony Kane, President and CEO ISI; Giulia Costagli, Head of Studies and Innovative Projects RFI; Professor Giuseppe Marotta, University of Sannio.