Changing and Renewing Leadership:

ISI Board of Directors Welcomes Anthony Kane as Acting President and CEO

March 4, 2019 – Washington, DC – Today, the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure’s (ISI) Board of Directors is excited to announce the appointment of Anthony Kane as the new Acting President and CEO. The appointment follows the resignation of former President and CEO John Stanton. As he moves on to new opportunities we thank and appreciate John for his leadership during the past two years.

ISI is at an exciting point in its development having transitioned from a start-up to a wholly independent organization enacting real change in infrastructure and related sectors. In recent years ISI has experienced order of magnitude increases in Envision project awards and Envision Sustainability Professional credentials. The development and launch of Envision version 3 and a surge in demand, are all accelerating progress towards ISI’s mission; to enable the development of infrastructure that optimizes environmental, social, and economic vitality.

As we continue to look to the promising future we are grateful that we have cultivated key core staff and can now reshape and place our executive and operational leadership in their hands. They are gifted professionals who are rooted in our vision, exceptionally experienced in the practical applications of Envision, and widely respected by industry, public sector, institutional, and Envision stakeholders. They are compelling spokespeople for ISI’s mission and values.

Anthony Kane has served as ISI’s Managing Director, a role that required comprehensive supervision of ISI operations. As a principal researcher within the Zofnass Program for Sustainable Infrastructure at Harvard University, he was a key architect in the development and launch of Envision and since coming to ISI, continued as the responsible leader in all facets of Envision development and delivery.

Melissa Peneycad was an early Envision Professional, Trainer, and Verifier, who played a central role in some of the first successful Envision awarded projects. Coming to ISI in 2017, as Director Sustainable Projects she has held full responsibility for Envision verifications and awards, and has been a primary link to both the community of verifiers and owners.

Lindsey Geiger joined ISI in 2018 as Director of Education. She manages our Envision Sustainability Professional training program and launched the new credential maintenance and continuing education programs. As a licensed engineer she brings a wealth of professional experience in promoting sustainability education within the infrastructure industry.

ISI’s growth reflects an escalating worldwide need for infrastructure renewal, and the opportunity to lead in establishing the sustainable infrastructure paradigm. This progress has also underscored our next challenges and opportunities – to assertively consolidate gains, build resource and professional capacity, and promote Envision’s benefits and successes to the North American and international markets. Therefore, over the past 9 months, the newly constituted Board of Directors worked with our CEO and staff to develop a comprehensive organizational strategy and business plan. With the success of those plans foremost in our minds, our staff will work along with our partners to implement our Plan to fulfill our mission, build our resources, and to enhance our topnotch professional staff, tools, training and technologies. Drawing on more than 8000 Envision Professionals, and our growing international network of owners, planners, engineers, communities, institutions, contractors and other infrastructure stakeholders we are poised to drive forward ever more rapidly.

John Williams
Chairman of the Board