How Envision was used to Reconstruct Oregon Avenue

Everyone knows that horizontal infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.) can destroy lush and verdant natural lands and hurt important animal habits. That is why reconstruction on Oregon Avenue in Washington, D.C., called for a different approach— it called for Envision sustainability.

In the following white paper, Oliver Boehm, manager of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design at Volkert, Inc., discusses how they used Envision to collaborate with infrastructure stakeholders and others to reconstruct Oregon Avenue so it would be more sustainable and resilient.

Stakeholders identified multiple existing conditions posing significant transportation deficiencies: deteriorating pavements; substandard roadway geometry; inconsistent roadway width; inadequate stormwater drainage; deficient structures, lighting, and transit facilities; poor sight distance; and a lack of pedestrian facilities.

Volkert, Inc. (Volkert) developed a comprehensive roadway reconstruction design that resolves transportation, community, and natural system issues as part of one holistic project. The design process followed an approach that used sensitive materials and practices to either preserve or enhance the landscape. Please check out the white paper here.