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Envision’s critical role in infrastructure sustainability

Envision is a framework that includes 64 sustainability and resilience indicators, called ‘credits’, organized around five categories: Quality of Life, Leadership, Resource Allocation, Natural World, and Climate and Resilience. These collectively address areas of human wellbeing, mobility, community development, collaboration, planning, economy, materials, energy, water, sitting, conservation, ecology, emissions, and resilience. These indicators collectively become the foundation of what constitutes sustainability in infrastructure.

Each of the 64 credits has multiple levels of achievement representing the spectrum of possible performance goals from slightly improving beyond conventional practice, to conserving and restoring communities and environments. By assessing achievement in each of the 64 credits, project teams establish how well the project addresses the full range of sustainability indicators, and are challenged to pursue higher performance.

Through its Envision Sustainability Professional (ENV SP) credential, Envision recognizes and brings attention to individuals trained and dedicated to developing more sustainable infrastructure. When used as a self-assessment tool Envision helps practitioners better understand and recognize their project’s contribution to sustainability. Through an optional process offered by ISI, Envision can also be used to receive third-party verification of a project assessment that gives public recognition to infrastructure projects that make exemplary progress toward sustainability.



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