Important Announcement Regarding V2 Projects

Please read this if you’re working on an Envision v2 project

Despite the continued impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, we are heartened to see so many project teams continuing their steadfast pursuit of sustainability and resiliency goals, including pursuing Envision verification. Many of these same teams are facing challenges with respect to submitting their v2 projects before the end of the year due to the continuing impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. That’s OK, we understand.

Our goal is to continue to do all we can to support as many projects as possible in their pursuit of Envision verification.

ISI had anticipated all v2 projects would complete verification by the v2 sunset date of December 31, 2020. As the pandemic unfolded, we then hoped all Envision v2 verification teams would be able to submit for first review on or before the end of the year, but we realize this will be a stretch for several teams, despite their best efforts to hit that target date.

In the spirit of sustainability, which includes health and well-being, we don’t want to be the source of unnecessary stress or pressure for project teams seeking verification under Envision v2.

Therefore, any project teams working on an Envision v2 project, know that we’re here to support you; that if submitting before the end of the year is not possible, we understand. You will be able to continue working with Envision v2, and we will review your project(s) when you’re ready and able to submit them for review.

Envision and COVID-19

If you’re experiencing other challenges with respect to using Envision during the pandemic, we encourage you to check out our “Envision and COVID-19: Challenges and Opportunities” document which has been slightly updated to reflect this new message on submission timelines, and contains a lot of other great information about working with Envision during the pandemic.