ISI Marketing Campaign ‘Sustain it or Explain it’

When the COVID-19 crisis eventually abates, nations all over the world will turn to the architecture, engineering, and construction (A/E/C) industry to rebuild, helping them bounce back economically. Building civil infrastructure (roads, dams, bridges, etc.) creates good-paying, high quality jobs, which is a wonderful opportunity for the infrastructure industry! However, if COVID-19 has taught us anything it is that our health and safety are tied directly to our natural world—and when nature is out of balance, our health and safety suffer greatly.

For the A/E/C industry, COVID-19 should be a wake-up call — a critical time to double down on our commitments to designing and building sustainable and resilient infrastructure as a way of protecting the environment, enhancing societal health, and boosting economies.

We can choose, here and now, to be part of the solution. We can reimagine our contributions to the world and focus on delivering shovel-worthy projects, not just shovel-ready. 

No one is denying that conventional building methods worked well in the past, but they are becoming increasingly inefficient. Unfortunately, if we continue designing and delivering infrastructure using outdated processes and practices, we could be adding to future problems, which is the last thing anybody wants. 

To that end, at this critical juncture, ISI is hopeful that more public and private agencies around the world turn to Envision sustainability as a way to drive projects forward. Envision works! 

How can Envision make a difference in these trying times?  Read our ‘Sustain or Explain’ one-pager.

We also encourage you to contact your local, state, and federal lawmakers and urge their support of smart stimulus spending bills.

Also, feel free to share a sustainability video associated with our campaign.