Help communities around the world build sustainable, resilient, and equitable civil infrastructure.
Train and credential Envision® sustainability professionals and verify projects using Envision®.
Protect the environment, enhance human health and well-being, and bolster economic prosperity.


At ISI, we imagine a world where all infrastructure is sustainable, resilient, and equitable. To ensure that happens, we provide people with the tools, resources, and roadmaps needed to succeed. For us, better infrastructure equals a better world, and working in partnership with our members and ENV SPs, we help communities thrive and prosper while restoring and healing the planet.


The following are the values we possess. This is what people can expect when working, collaborating, and/or partnering with ISI.   

Team Work and Collaboration — Ensuring good communication and working together to help others achieve their goals. Realizing that when we put our minds together, we can accomplish great things.    

Integrity - Being and acting honestly, authentically, ethically, and with genuine empathy and compassion for others; ensuring we always display transparency and integrity in our work and our interactions with others.  

Servant Leadership – Our leaders’ main goals are to serve others, focusing on lifting and building people up, serving their needs over our own. In other words, as leaders we are here to serve our employees,  infrastructure stakeholders, and communities— helping them to be their best.  

Living and Thinking with a Sustainable, Resilient, Equitable Mindset – To let our belief in sustainability, resiliency, and equity guide and influence our decisions, our thinking, and our work.   

Professionalism – We strive to act in a manner that exudes competence and expertise, a level of business acumen that reveals our focus on sustainability and our respect for others and their professional interests.  


ISI: Your partner in sustainable infrastructure  /  Your partner in sustainability
Envision: The Blueprint for Sustainable Infrastructure
Education: When you know Envision, you know sustainability
Verification: Envision is the solution for building back better
Membership: Join ISI. Together, we can Envision a better future

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