ISI to Collaborate with World Association of PPP Units & Professionals

Washington D.C. and Geneva, 13 January 2023 — The World Association of PPP Units & Professionals (WAPPP) and the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) announce their collaboration to further develop and promote #nextlevelppp infrastructure PPPs and design and implement bespoke capacity-building activities on sustainability and resilience in infrastructure targeted at governments, their private sector partners and PPP units and professionals.

WAPPP is a Geneva-based non-profit global association, which brings together public and private stakeholders in the field of Public-Private Partnership (PPP). Comprised of both institutions and individuals, WAPPP’s membership includes public PPP units, corporate investors, financial investors, and consultants across all sectors. More than a procurement tool, WAPPP considers PPP a tool for sustainable and reliable infrastructure that can provide an enormous benefit to people’s lives and help achieve the UN SDGs. WAPPP promotes best practices and the sharing of knowledge and expertise among its members.

ISI is a non-profit education and research organization founded by the American Public Works Association, American Council of Engineering Companies and American Society of Civil Engineers. ISI develops, manages, delivers, and maintains the Envision sustainable infrastructure framework and rating system, a system used to evaluate and rate infrastructure projects of all types, including infrastructure PPPs. ISI trains and credentials professionals and students; offers a third-party verification program that rates infrastructure projects; and works with members and partners to advance sustainable and resilient infrastructure practices.

“We are excited to be collaborating with the World Association of PPP Units & Professionals to further sustainability and resilience goals on PPP projects,” said ISI Managing Director Melissa Peneycad. “ISI and WAPPP have a significant depth of experience and resources in this area and our collaboration will support the continued evolution of PPPs and PPP approaches that achieve more for sustainability.”

WAPPP President, Ziad Alexandre Hayek, said: “We’re proud that ISI is collaborating with WAPPP to promote more sustainable and successful public-private partnerships. We’re looking forward to collaborating for sustainable and climate resilient PPPs.”