ISI Zofnass Research Program Workshop – November 1

The ISI Zofnass Research Program Workshop will be held in Washington DC on November 1, 2023. The workshop is planned around presentations and discussions of our ongoing research efforts, and future research directions in support of ISI Envision. Registration link below!

The workshop sessions are centered on our two ongoing research efforts: 1) understanding the influence of Envision implementation on costs, and 2) the nexus of Envision with the environmental review process in the U.S. through NEPA or in Canada through IAA.

The Zofnass Research Program Workshop will be hosted at Stantec‘s new offices in Washington DC. For this event, we’re collaborating with EFCG (Environmental Financial Consulting Group), which is holding its Sustainability & ESG Forum on Thursday, November 2nd. By collocating the two events, we are giving participants the opportunity to fully leverage the insights they offer, should they wish to attend both.

Agenda and registration: 

Agenda in PDF format