July 2020 Social Media Campaign

To kick off the ‘Sustain or Explain’ advocacy campaign, ISI’s task force (made up of 15 engineers and sustainability experts) is holding a social media campaign throughout July.

Every Monday through Friday at 11 a.m. EST, we will be releasing tweets and posts directly related to our social media campaign.  We encourage you to share them (on LinkedIn and Twitter) to spread Envision sustainability awareness.

The advocacy campaign’s overall goal is to promote the urgent need for the architecture, engineering, and construction (A/E/C) industry to focus on rebuilding better and stronger moving forward.

In light of COVID-19, governments everywhere are allocating stimulus dollars to communities to rebuild civil infrastructure to boost local economies and bring back good-paying jobs. That’s a wonderful opportunity for the A/E/C industry. However, this is a watershed moment— a critical time for the industry to reimagine a better tomorrow and rebuild infrastructure that avoids or mitigates future pandemics and calamities. 

How can the A/E/C community be part of the solution and not part of the problem?

We encourage infrastructure stakeholders to focus on sustainability, resiliency, and equality as they plan, design, and build infrastructure. By casting aside inefficient and outdated practices and processes and prioritizing sustainability and resiliency, they will save money in the long run—especially if climate change impacts come to fruition.

To meet those looming challenges, we urge the A/E/C community to adopt Envision sustainability.  Over the past ten years, the Envision framework has been applied to hundreds of projects, and Envision certified professionals have guided planners, designers, and teams through the complexities of resilience and sustainability. When project teams and organizations use the Envision framework at the start of a project and continue using it through a project’s lifecycle, they save money, protect the environment, bolster economies, and enhance human health. 

No doubt, there’s much work to be done to convince the A/E/C industry to change its focus, but now is the time to ‘sustain it or explain it.’  In other words, we can no longer afford to ask, ‘why should we?’.  We should be asking, ‘why aren’t we?”.

To achieve our long-term sustainability and resiliency goals and objectives, it will require educating the A/E/C industry as well as local, state, federal, and provincial governments and the public. The advocacy toolkit, which is currently under construction, will contain targeted messages, proclamation templates, press release examples, and advocacy tips—everything a person or organization will need to promote awareness. We are hoping to have it published by July 29. In the meantime, if you are passionate about sustainability and resiliency, please take part in our July social media campaign. Download the social media portion of the advocacy toolkit and share the posts and tweets whenever you can.

Your help in building awareness will be greatly appreciated.

Together, we can bring about meaningful change, tackle future threats, and Envision a sustainable world!