King County’s Georgetown Wet Weather Treatment Station earns Envision Platinum Award

The $250 million Georgetown Wet Weather Treatment Station (WWTS) in King County, Washington, has received the Envision® Platinum designation for sustainable infrastructure. The Georgetown WWTS is the third Envision-recognized project in Washington State and the first to receive the Platinum award.

The Georgetown WWTS project involves the construction of a combined sewer overflow (CSO) wet weather treatment station which will be situated between the Brandon Street and South Michigan Street Regulator Stations, related pipes and a new outfall structure which will release treated water into the Duwamish River. On-site work for this project began in April 2017 and construction of the WWTS is expected to be completed in 2022. Once constructed, the station will be able to treat up to 70 million gallons of combined stormwater runoff and wastewater per day, water that would otherwise have discharged directly into the river without treatment during storm events.

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