Luuceo Consulting Hosts Video Podcast on Envision

Luuceo Consulting, Inc. has started a video podcast, and their second episode was focused entirely on Envision Sustainability. Both Bronwyn Worrick and Quin Mackenzie are experienced Envision professionals who help others learn about Envision and incorporate it into their infrastructure projects.

Quin is a Co-Founder of luuceo. She has facilitated planning and design processes for infrastructure projects across North America to enhance asset performance, specializing in the application of leading design frameworks such as the Envision® framework for sustainable infrastructure and the Integrated Design Process (IDP).

Bronwyn is also a Co-Founder of luuceo. She has experience leveraging holistic and systems-based approaches to strategy, risk, and design. To learn more about Luuceo, please visit their website.

Watch their video podcast.