ISI Publishes Online Course on Infrastructure Economics in Collaboration with Autocase by Impact Infrastructure

ISI is pleased to announce the addition of a new course to our online library. Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure Economics introduces business cases and triple bottom line cost benefit analysis for sustainable infrastructure. The lessons provide an overview of the fundamentals of business case development: financial and economic concepts; cost benefit analysis and an introduction to valuation of ecosystem services; and making the case for sustainability and resilience investments. Case studies are used to contextualize the concepts. An overview of new Envision v3 credit LD3.3 Conduct a Life-Cycle Economic Evaluation is included as well as a presentation of returns on investment for sustainable infrastructure.

About the Author

This course is the first online course developed in collaboration with an ISI member company. ISI congratulates Autocase by Impact Infrastructure and thanks primary course author, Eric Bill, for their contributions to this valuable course.

Eric Bill is an applied economist and vice president of Economics at Impact Infrastructure. He leads the economic research program and advisory practice, and he helps optimize the company’s automated business case evaluation tools, Autocase. His firm’s primary goal is to create a standardized suite of business case analysis tools to promote the development of more sustainable and resilient communities.

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