The Need for Envision

Consider the importance of infrastructure in our daily lives. Infrastructure provides the basis for personal security and public health, impacts the economic viability and competitiveness of our communities, moves people and goods, provides us with drinking water and handles our waste, creates spaces for us to enjoy, and allows us to effectively communicate with one another. However, despite the obvious need for infrastructure and the many benefits it provides, historically it is overlooked and underfunded until it breaks down or service is disrupted.

Infrastructure is at the heart of addressing this key challenge of the 21st century, and the standards and methods of the past will not be adequate to meet the needs of the future. A new paradigm is required.

But how do infrastructure developers know whether their decisions are contributing to sustainability or not? How do they bring attention to the need for more sustainable infrastructure? How do they communicate around a shared understanding of what sustainability means? Envision provides a consistent, consensus-based framework for assessing sustainability and resilience in infrastructure. Envision:

  • Sets the standard for what constitutes sustainable infrastructure;
  • Incentivizes higher performance goals beyond minimum requirements;
  • Gives recognition to projects that make significant contributions to sustainability; and
  • Provides a common language for collaboration and clear communication both internally and externally.



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