New Online Course Available: Using the Envision v3 Pre-Assessment Checklist

Along with the recent release of the Envision v3 pre-assessment checklist, ISI has published a companion course titled Using the Envision Pre-Assessment Checklist: A Case Study. This course provides detailed instruction and examples for using the Envision v3 pre-assessment checklist.  While the checklist is designed to be used without training, this course illustrates the use of the tool with a detailed case study, allowing course participants to practice completing the checklist using hypothetical project information. This course qualifies for one elective, or “user’s choice”, education hour toward maintaining the Envision Sustainability Professional (ENV SP) credential. The course is available for purchase in ENV SPs’ accounts. ENV SPs may use their continuing education credit to purchase the course.

Log in to your ISI account to access this course and download the Envision v3 pre-assessment checklist. For additional information on how to purchase this course and use the other new credential maintenance features of your ISI account, reference the illustrated Web Tutorial: ENV SP Credential Maintenance.

It is not too late for ENV SPs to enroll in the credential maintenance program. The enrollment grace period for ENV SPs who originally earned their credential prior to 2018 ends on June 30th, 2019. Enroll today to access the Using the Envision Pre-Assessment Checklist: A Case Study course and other informative courses.

Envision v3 Pre-Assessment Checklist Is Now Available

April 29, 2019

ISI is pleased to announce the launch of the highly-anticipated Envision v3 Pre-Assessment Checklist. The launch of the checklist coincides with an important milestone for Envision v3: its one-year anniversary.

Screen capture of a portion of the “results” section in the Envision v3 Pre-Assessment Checklist

The checklist is an Excel-based tool to support the incorporation of Envision early in project planning and conceptual design phases. The checklist presents the Envision criteria as yes/no questions, helping project teams to quickly identify whether they are addressing the full range of sustainability criteria. While the results from a project assessment using the checklist do not directly correspond to Envision rating system scores, the results are presented as an estimate of the potential score a project may achieve should it proceed through third-party verification. Projects that address many of the assessment criteria demonstrate that their approach to sustainability is sufficiently broad and these projects may be good candidates for setting more detailed performance goals and objectives using the Envision guidance manual, and for verification and award.

The Envision v3 Pre-Assessment Checklist is free to use and is available for download from Envision account holders’ dashboards on the ISI website. Log in to the ISI website or create a free account to access this resource.