WSP Advocacy on Envision & Standards

Right now, the one message that needs to get through to elected officials when it comes to building back better is that new projects must be designed and delivered using Envision. Using ENV SPs and the Envision framework on new projects will help communities meet climate change targets, create jobs, achieve environmental justice goals, and cut GHG emissions. 
To that end, we wanted to make you aware of what’s happening on the advocacy front. On March 17, Tom Lewis, PE, JD, an executive with WSP, submitted testimony in front of the US House of Representatives Transportation & Infrastructure (T&I) Committee on “Making the Business Case for Climate Solutions”.  He talked in part about ICSI and the importance of standards and tools, like Envision.
The Chair of the T&I Committee asked a specific follow-up question to which Tom Lewis  emphasized the importance of the ASCE Sustainability Standard and Envision. You can read his response here
When it comes to informing our local, state, regional, and federal officials on the importance of using Envision we have a great deal of work ahead.  If you need tips on how to advocate for Envision, check out our ‘Sustain it or Explain it’ (SOE) advocacy toolkit.