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Envision is a groundbreaking resource for professionals involved in planning, designing, building, and maintaining civil infrastructure that helps practitioners meet the challenge.

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Need for Envision

Envision is an objective framework of criteria designed to help identify ways in which sustainable approaches can be used to plan, design, construct and operate infrastructure projects. Envision not only asks, “Are we doing the project right?” but also, “Are we doing the right project?

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Envision Sustainable Professionals (ENV SP)

Leverage your sustainability qualifications by taking the training course and earning your ENV SP credential.

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Third-Party Project Verification and Award

ISI offers an optional third-party verification and awards program for recognizing sustainable project achievements. ISI’s independent project verification program is a transparent process to confirm that a project meets Envision evaluation criteria.


Envision Verified Projects

ISI will recognize projects that attain high levels of achievement in using the Envision Rating System with one of five award levels: Verified, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. View Awards

Envision Project Awards

Envision v3

Envision v3 incorporates emerging industry trends and continues to push the leading edge of sustainable practices.

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