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ISI catalyzes systemic change in the world of civil infrastructure, with the Envision framework as the vehicle. Understand the benefits of ISI membership and find links to Envision credentialing and project verification below.

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Learn about how ISI and Envision are incentivizing higher sustainable infrastructure performance in this short video.



$118 billion

142 Verified Projects

$54 billion

149 Registered Projects

Envision Gold
Holland Area WRF Anaerobic Digester Project
Completed April 18, 2023
Envision Platinum
Sixth Street Viaduct Seismic Improvement Project
Completed July 13, 2022
Envision Platinum
Centerm Terminal Expansion Project
Completed May 31, 2022
Envision Platinum
Omaha Riverfront Revitalization
Completed October 28, 2021
Envision Gold
Starlight Park Phase 2
Completed February 4, 2021
Envision Platinum
California High-Speed Rail System
Completed December 10, 2020
Envision Verified
Hope Mills Dam
Completed August 7, 2019