Water infrastructure

Envision is being applied in water and wastewater projects of all different sizes and types. Here are some specific types of infrastructure where that’s happening.

Delivering results

Envision supports A/E/C private-sector organizations and departments, agencies, and utilities at the state, county and municipal level in their pursuit of sustainability on water and wastewater projects.

These organizations have embedded Envision into project planning, design, and delivery by having staff trained on use of the framework. By credentialing Envision Sustainability Professionals (ENV SPs), they help set projects up for success in achieving sustainability goals. Here are some testimonials from around the industry.

“Using the Envision certification process has helped the City of Westminster become a better fiscal, social and environmental steward.”

Public Works and Utilities Director, Westminster

“We started training our staff on use of Envision and requesting that our contractors and consultants also obtain the credential.”

Utilities and ROW Division Chief at the City of Coral Gables

“Envision goes beyond the basic efforts of project management and development, into areas that benefit the community in a holistic way.”

Holland Board of Public Works General Manager

Contact Us

If you have questions about Envision use in the water sector, drop us a line. Ask about how Envision is being applied in the sector for internal sustainability benchmarking, as well as for verification — the additional, optional step that project teams can take to confirm their project meets the sustainability criteria in the Envision framework. Access our Contact Us page.