Landcape / Environmental Projects

Envision has been used successfully to respond to a broad range of sustainability criteria — encompassing social, environmental, economic, and resilience factors — on Landscape/Environmental projects. Public agencies and their private sector partners can use the framework to align a variety of projects in this sector with identified sustainability objectives. These areas include:

  • Public realm
  • Parks / campgrounds
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Natural / Green Infrastructure
  • Environmental remediation / restoration

We provide two examples below. In the first, the project team adopted Envision to support the transformation of downtown Omaha, Nebraska along the Missouri River by connecting three parks near the city’s downtown core. In the second, the project team applied Envision to help deliver a project that will enhance parks while creating a 2.4-mile long flexible flood barrier on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

We invite you to visit our Project Awards Directory for look up other projects in this sector.

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