Verification Fees

Verification fees are based on several factors, including:

  • The size of the project in millions (USD). This includes land acquisition, eminent domain /expropriate fees, planning and feasibility studies, architectural and engineering design, construction, including materials and labor; and construction financing. If the project is not yet complete, use a reasonable estimate for project size.
  • Membership status of the project team pursuing verification. Detailed information about the benefits of organizational membership can be found on ISI’s Become a Member page.
  • The verification pathway selected. Information about the two verification pathways is available on our Steps to Verification page or in our more detailed Guide to Envision Verification for Applicants, which is available in users’ accounts.

Fees in US dollars are shown in the following table. Canadian project teams are asked to visit the Envision Canada website for Canadian pricing.

Project Size ($M)Registration FeesVerification Pathway A: Design + Post-Construction
Verification Pathway B: Post-Construction
5$2,000 $12,000$14,000 $9,000$11,000
5 – 25$2,000$17,000$20,000$14,000$17,000
25 – 100$2,000$26,000$30,000$21,000$25,000
100 – 250$2,000$33,000$39,000$28,000 $34,000
250 – 500 $2,000$41,000$48,000$35,000$42,000
500 – 1000$2,000$48,000$56,000$42,000$50,000
1000$2,000Contact us for a quote.

Multi-phase Projects & Project Portfolios

Are you considering Envision verification for a complex multi-phase / multi-segment project or a portfolio of similar projects? If so, please contact us to learn more about available discounts and options for streamlining project submissions.