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Together, We Can Envision a Sustainable Future

Public-sector agencies, private-sector organizations, academics, and professionals that foster improvement in the sustainability performance and resiliency of infrastructure can all benefit from an ISI membership account. ISI members are listed on the ISI website as Envision Supported Agencies or Envision Qualified Companies; they receive access to proprietary resources, discounts on credentialing and credential maintenance, and can assist in the continuing development of Envision.

At present, 216 public-sector agencies, including academic institutions, and 250 private-sector companies are members of ISI— all committed to designing and delivering sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

Our Membership Philosophy

To help communities and organizations navigate the complexities of sustainability, resiliency, and equity in infrastructure, ISI embraces strong partnerships and purposeful models of cooperation and collaboration. No single organization has the capacity to act alone to bring about global change, which is why we value consensus building and meaningful relationships. We appreciate our member organizations and work with them to achieve our mission.

When we put our minds together, we can accomplish great things.

Benefits of Membership

A membership with ISI can put you in direct contact with hundreds of like-minded organizations who are reimagining a more sustainable, resilient, equitable world. ISI also offers many opportunities for members to collaborate with us, like taking part in committees, webinars and our annual virtual conference. Our members can be part of our sustainability campaigns, co-write thought-leadership articles, and advocate for sustainability, resiliency, and equity.

All member organizations and agencies receive discounts on Envision credentialing and maintenance, and they also receive discounts on third-party project verification.

Read the brochure learn more about the discounts and costs associated with membership. You can also read or download a Membership packet, which includes more information. View all membership resources here, including step-by-step tutorials on setting up your account.

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Our members are granted access to proprietary resources, receive discounts on credentialing and continued professional development, and are listed in our directories as an Envision Qualified Company.

To learn more, contact ISI’s Membership Director, Audrey Gorham.