Transportation Infrastructure

In every area of transportation, Envision can be used to incentivize higher performance goals. These sectors include roads, highways, & bridges, public transit, ports & waterways, airports, and more. Transport represents the largest infrastructure category in ISI’s total portfolio of projects.

Making Connections: Transit Sustainability

ISI has a strong community of transit organizations using Envision. Envision-supported agencies include: Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Texas), King County Metro Transit, Maryland Transit Administration, Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, Metropolitan Transit Agency (NYC), the Société de transport de Montréal, Sound Transit, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, and many others. View two project examples here.

Sustainable & Resilient Ports

There are ports from coast to coast using Envision on some of their most important expansion and rehabilitation projects. ISI also engages with the sector through the Maritime Envision Work Group. Below are a few examples of port projects that completed verification.

Bridge Projects and Envision

Envision has also been an effective tool for sustainability on bridge projects of all types and sizes. They include the Gordie Howe International Bridge connecting Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, Michigan, and the Sixth Street Bridge in Los Angeles, to cite two iconic examples. Click below for more information, and visit our project awards directory to find others.

Roads and Highways

With the Envision framework, agencies have a valuable tool to advance sustainability initiatives in the roads and highway projects that are critical to transportation renewal. These efforts help ensure projects deliver more for safety, efficiency, innovation, and long-term savings than projects of the past, enhance rather than adversely impact the well-being of communities, and contribute toward mitigating the environmental footprint of transportation systems. Two examples are showcased below.

Airport Capital Projects

Airport projects, including both airside and landside projects, have used Envision to achieve sustainability goals. They include projects at Indianapolis International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, New York City’s LaGuardia Airport, San Diego International Airport, Tampa International Airport, and many others. ISI also engages with the sector through the Envision and Airports Working Group. Download the Envision AIRO Guide below for guidance on applying the framework on airport projects.

Active Transportation

Fundamental change in infrastructure development also means prioritizing pedestrian and bike-friendly modes of transportation, and Envision is being used on these types of projects as well. See the following example.

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