Advocating for Envision®

Who are we?
The ‘Sustain it or Explain it’ (SOE) task force is a group of global volunteers, many of whom are sustainability experts and ENV SPs, who are passionate about building sustainable, resilient, and equitable civil infrastructure.

Our Mission
The SOE task force firmly believes that climate change is an existential threat to the planet, to people, and to all living things. To that end, we are working tirelessly to spread awareness that the  Envision framework is a solution for building back better. Envision has a strong restorative and regenerative component built into the framework, and it encourages project teams, agencies, and communities to seek conserving or restorative building methods whenever possible.

The SOE task force also believes that if we don’t focus on regeneration and restoration in the decades to come, communities all over the world will experience failing economies— and unimaginable suffering due to the negative impacts caused by climate change.

Who are we targeting with our efforts?
We are not only advocating with elected officials at all levels of government (in numerous countries) but also with owners of infrastructure. The ultimate goal is to change minds!

Although we have a few highly experienced advocates on the task force, many of us are learning on the job and passing that knowledge along to ISI’s network of 6000 active Envision Sustainability Professionals. (Imagine if all 6000 active ENV SPs advocated for change!  That would definitely make a big difference.)

Please join us
If you are an ISI member or ENV SP, feel free to  join the SOE task force. Reach out to Dyan Lee, ISI’s Marketing and Communications director at