SOE Task Force

Advocating for Envision

Who are we?
The ‘Sustain it or Explain it’ (SOE) task force is a group of global volunteers—many of whom are sustainability experts and ENV SPs—who are passionate about building sustainable, resilient, and equitable civil infrastructure.

The SOE task works tirelessly to spread awareness about Envision; that it’s a solution for building back better and stronger, and is a tool designed to help us tackle some of the biggest challenges facing us today, such as the climate crisis.

Although we have a few highly experienced advocates on the task force, many of us are learning on the job and passing that knowledge along to ISI’s network of 6,000 active Envision Sustainability Professionals. (Imagine if all active ENV SPs advocated for change!  That could have an impact in communities everywhere.)

Some of the task force deliverables have included podcasts on LinkedIn, articles such as Sustain or Explain: Rebuilding Stronger and Envision is the Solution for Building Back Better, and an Advocacy Toolkit.