Fariborz M. Tehrani


Farīborz M. Tehrānī (fa.rī.borz-teh.rā.nī) is a professor, director, Fellow ASCE, professional civil engineer, sustainability professional, and project management professional who has more than three decades of academic and industry background in structural, geotechnical, and transportation engineering and management.

Dr. Fariborz Tehrani has contributed to the publication of ten books; nearly eighty papers and technical reports; and presented nearly hundred papers and posters. His research and practice experiences focus on sustainable and resilient structural engineering, mechanics, and materials (SR-SEMM) and include structural analysis and design; earthquake-resistant design; building materials and construction; road and bridge design; and project management. His research on sliding seismic isolation resulted in a patented methodology, Sliding Foundation System with Safety Margin, applied in construction of a small building in 1998. He has contributed to the engineering design of more than fifty structures and infrastructures; management and planning of nearly $150 million projects; and development of several research proposals leading to nearly $700k funding from NSF, DOT, and other public and private sources.

Fariborz is a Fellow ASCE and professional member of ACI, EMI, ASTM, and EWB.

He is a voting member of several ACI 213/130/301/EAC/E701 and ASTM C09/C12/C15/D04/D18 Committees, the liaison of the EMI in the ASCE COS, and the Director of the ESCSI. Further, Dr. Tehrani has served in NCEES, PMI, CHESC, and EMI as panelist and subject matter expert, as well as the chair of the ISI Academic Committee, and a director of the ASEE PSW.

Fariborz reviews ACI, ASCE, IJDM, EQSP, and Elsevier journals and serves as an editor of SAGE journals. He has also mentored EWB student chapters in USC, UCSD, and Cal Poly SLO on multiple projects in Honduras, Ontario, and Nicaragua. Dr. Tehrani received the ASCE Region 9 Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award in 2015 for leading the Student Chapter from 2010 to 2015, the Best Practice Award from California Higher Education Sustainability Conference in 2017, and the best Research Award from ASCE Fresno and San Francisco for two projects in 2019. Fariborz received BSc from Sharif University of Technology, MSc from Amirkabir University of Technology, and MS, degree of engineer, and PhD from University of California, Los Angeles.