Envision: driving success in sustainable infrastructure projects

Envision is a framework that provides the guidance needed to initiate this systemic change in the planning, design and delivery of sustainable and resilient infrastructure. Envision is a decision-making guide, not a set of prescriptive measures. Envision provides industry-wide sustainability metrics for all types and sizes of infrastructure to help users assess and measure the extent to which their project contributes to conditions of sustainability across the full range of social, economic, and environmental indicators.

Fundamentally, Envision is about supporting higher performance through more sustainable choices in infrastructure development. The framework provides a flexible system of criteria and performance objectives to aid decision makers and help project teams identify sustainable approaches during planning, design, and construction that will carry forward throughout the project’s operations and maintenance and end-of-life phases. Using Envision as a guidance tool, owners, communities, designers, contractors, and other stakeholders are able to collaborate to make more informed decisions about the sustainability of infrastructure.

Community infrastructure development is subject to the resource constraints of multiple departments and agencies, each with different schedules, agendas, mandates, budget cycles, and funding sources. Ratings systems and tools intended for buildings are not designed for this context and cannot adequately assess the extensive external benefits and impacts infrastructure has on a community. Envision assesses not only individual project performance, but how well the infrastructure project contributes to the efficiency and long-term sustainability of the communities it serves. In this way, Envision not only asks, “Are we doing the project right?” but also, “Are we doing the right project?”



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