Everyone is talking about Envision! Here are some leading professionals from across the sustainable infrastructure community, in their own words:

Tiffany Reed-Villarreal, P.E., ENV-SP, M.ASCE and President, InfraTex Consulting: 

“The Envision sustainable infrastructure rating system can be used to guide decisions about investment of scarce resources and to address community and environmental priorities on all types of civil infrastructure…

“Thanks to Envision, we now have the opportunity to design and build infrastructure systems in a way that will promote sustainability and resilience far more effectively than has been done in the past.” Read more.

Nancy Pridal , ENV SP, P.E., CEO & president at Lamp Rynearson (USA): 

“If you really dig into the components of Envision and collaborate with clients — even if they’re not wanting to get certified— it brings a process together; it’s system-thinking at its finest. Bringing the community in… that is one of the Envision credits that is really helpful.” 

Sylvain Paquet, senior project manager, STM’s Côte-Vertu garage (Envision Platinum Award):

“Obtaining this Envision recognition is an impressive achievement for the project team since all sustainability aspects of the project have been analyzed to incorporate best practices and to follow them meticulously during design and construction. It takes a lot of effort and rigor throughout the project and I tip my hat to my team for their work.” 

Gabriela Duarte, Sustainability Consultant, Stantec:

“Working on various infrastructure projects with Stantec and applying the Envision Framework has been an incredible experience. I’ve had the chance to witness firsthand how this framework, developed and managed by ISI, can help promote sustainable infrastructure development. As someone who is an ENV SP and Envision Verifier, I’m now excited to share my knowledge and experience as an Envision Trainer to contribute to promoting sustainable infrastructure development.

Cristina Contreras, instructor at Harvard University and founder & managing director at Sinfranova LLC: 

“During the past few years, I have had the opportunity to work on the application of Envision from a research standpoint in roughly 40 projects distributed across 12 countries in Latin America. I have analyzed the sustainability performance of a wide diversity of infrastructure projects including wind farms, airports, photovoltaic plants, roads, ports, water treatment plants, and mass transits among others, representing a total investment of around 20 billion USD. Envision has also been a fundamental tool in capacity building activities conducted during the last few years. This has included the coordination of Envision sustainability credentialing workshops, engagement with public officials to raise awareness on the importance of sustainability and elaboration of cross comparative analyses regarding the evolution of the sustainable infrastructure field and the existing tools and frameworks.”


Jesse Unke, vice president of Canadian Operations COWI:

“In becoming an ENV SP, I really came to learn and appreciate the Envision framework and the level of detail associated with each credit. While I have yet to apply Envision to an active project as an ENV SP, the knowledge I have gained allows me to bring helpful insights to infrastructure projects across our portfolio.”