Replacement of Esopus Creek and RTE 28a Railroad Bridges

This project involves the complete removal and replacement of two structurally deficient and functionally obsolete bridges carrying New York State Route 28A over the former Ulster and Delaware Railroad corridor and Esopus Creek. Route 28A is a 20-mile long rural collector roadway that connects communities south of the Ashokan Reservoir to NYS Route 28 and points along the north side of the reservoir. In order to maintain Route 28A traffic during construction while avoiding a 20-mile detour, the replacement bridges will be built parallel to and just south of the existing bridges. To accommodate the replacement bridges, the Route 28A roadway will be realigned to the south of its existing location for a length of approximately 2,000 feet. The scope of the project includes, additionally: reconstruction of two intersections; providing a new shared path over Esopus Creek Bridge and nearby connecting pathways; and parking adjacent to the trail system.

Among the highlights, from a sustainability perspective: the project will improve community mobility and access, enhance public space, improve site accessibility, safety and wayfinding, and preserve historic and cultural resources. The project will demonstrate comprehensive planning; will foster collaboration and teamwork; and will consider all aspects of long-term monitoring and maintenance. Additionally, project requirements will ensure protection of the environment; integration of the planned infrastructure with the built and natural surroundings; and will provide an extended useful life of the bridge.

Award Level and Status: Envision Gold; Under construction.

Public Agency: New York City Department of Design and Construction.