Vista Canyon Regional Transit Center

The Vista Canyon Regional Transit Center Awarded Envision® Verified for Sustainable Infrastructure

The Vista Canyon Regional Transit Center involves designing and constructing a new seven-bay bus transfer station as part of the larger Vista Canyon development in the City of Santa Clarita, California. The Vista Canyon Regional Transit Center is strategically located to make it easy for people to get around Santa Clarita, the Valley, and other destinations. This project will provide the community with a safe and efficient transit center that encourages the use of many modes of transportation, including bus, bike, and rail, making Vista Canyon one of Southern California’s most well-connected, transit-friendly communities.

The project is funded with Metro grant funding and Air Quality Management District local match money.

The City of Santa Clarita is working closely with design consultant Tetra Tech and JSB Development on this award-winning sustainable project.



Improving community mobility and access and encouraging sustainable transportation. This project increases community mobility and access in Santa Clarita, the Valley, and increases connections around Los Angeles County. The bus transfer station adds a new hub for riders to connect to more lines and a future Metrolink train station. Adjacent to the project site is a 750-space parking lot for the use of park-and-ride commuters. Pedestrian sidewalks, bicycle networks, and multi-use trails extend from the project to the nearby area and connect to existing multi-use paths to encourage active transportation.

Stimulating the economy. The Vista Canyon Regional Transit Center is part of a more extensive development called the “Vista Canyon Project,” a mixed-use, transit-oriented community for the eastern Santa Clarita Valley. It includes residential, commercial, office, hotel, and recreational spaces. The Vista Canyon Regional Transit Center is a vital component of the community and plays a crucial role in spurring economic development and prosperity in the area. The Vista Canyon Transit Center will create 46 new full-time jobs —20 during design, 18 during construction, and 8 during operation. The project also contributes to the larger Vista Canyon Project’s economic goals by enabling better access to work, play, and shop.

Enhancing views and local character. The project will be designed to preserve the physical and natural beauty of the area and fit with the local character of the more significant Vista Canyon Project. The site on which the project will be built is currently unoccupied and undeveloped. The project team performed a detailed assessment of visual resources. As a result, natural landscapes and scenic resources, including the San Gabriel Mountains, Sierra Pelona Mountains, Angeles National Forest, Los Padres National Forest, Santa Clarita Woodlands, Golden Valley Ranch Open Space, and the Santa Clarita River will not be affected by the development of this project.

Reducing waste during project operations. The State of California requires cities and counties to reduce solid waste disposal by at least 50%. The City of Santa Clarita will install 7 “Big Belly” duo-trash and recycling compactors at the Transit Center to achieve this goal. The city’s current fleet of Big Belly units averages a waste diversion rate of 63.5%, and the teams are monitored to calculate the ratio of trash and recycling. Trash is taken to the landfill, and the Los Angeles Conservation Corps takes the recycling to a recycling facility for processing. The Big Belly units at the Transit Center are expected to achieve similar diversion rates.



Bill Miranda, Mayor, City of Santa Clarita:

“It is an honor to have the City’s Vista Canyon Regional Transit Center recognized for a commitment to sustainability with the recent awarding of Envision® Verified for Sustainable Infrastructure,” said Mayor Bill Miranda. “The new transit center will not only encourage a safe and wide variety of transportation options, but it will also improve accessibility and connectivity to locations throughout Los Angeles County.”

Ken Striplin, City Manager, City of Santa Clarita:

“The City of Santa Clarita is thrilled that the Vista Canyon Regional Transit Center has been awarded Envision® Verified for Sustainable Infrastructure,” said Santa Clarita City Manager Ken Striplin. “Operations for the new transit center are expected to commence in early 2022, offering greater accessibility and sustainability for residents and commuters.”

Melissa Peneycad, ISI’s managing director:

“The project team focused on creating transportation infrastructure that will benefit the community and the region in many ways,” said Melissa Peneycad, ISI’s managing director.”The team and all stakeholders recognized the importance of creating jobs, stimulating the economy, reducing waste, enhancing views, and protecting the region’s character. ISI commends everyone involved for a job well done and for steadfast dedication to delivering a sustainable project that meets the community’s short- and long-term needs.”


Project Details At-a-Glance
Envision-verified project: Vista Canyon Transit Center
Location: Santa Clarita, California
Lead Envision Firm: Tetra Tech
Envision Rating: Verified
Award Date: November 12, 2021
Project Owner: City of Santa Clarita Transit
Project Phase: Under construction
Project Delivery Method: Design-Bid-Build
For more information: Visit the Project Website for updates

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