ISI Policy Update

Please note that we have recently published updates to our ISI Policies. This document contains all policies related to the use of the Envision sustainable infrastructure framework, including policies related to Envision verification, the Envision Sustainability Professional (ENV SP) credential, and the credential maintenance program.

Notable updates to the policies include:

  • Reference to the Credential Maintenance Guidance Document and six-month grace period for ENV SPs
  • Removal of sunset dates for Envision versions
  • Clarification on registration cancellation due to inactivity
  • Expanded description of Project Team and Verification Team roles, including the file owner and reviewer
  • Clarification of specific verification timelines for reviews
  • Updates to minimum program requirements and quality expectations
  • Removal of the limit of two new credits for a second review
  • Confirmation that the Pathway A Post Construction Review may address pending credits, new or revised credits from decisions made during construction, and any changes to the scope or key design elements
  • Required attestation and upload of final as-built documents, or similar

Click here or visit our resources page to review the full updated policy document. You can also find it in your ISI user account dashboard (along with a version showing the tracked new changes) under Resources > Policies.