Every quarter, Melissa Peneycad, ISI’s managing director, writes Envision sustainability articles for social media, trade magazines, and news media outlets. In addition, SOE task force members write and distribute Envision-related blog articles. Feel free to read or download the articles you see below. If you would like to interview Melissa Peneycad or ISI’s president and CEO, Anthony Kane, about Envision sustainability and building back better civil infrastructure, please contact ISI’s Marketing and Communications director.

Envision is the Solution for Building Back Better — SOE Task Force

Why I became an ENV SP? — Tiffany M Reed-Villarreal

Rebuilding Better & Stronger — Melissa Peneycad

SOE Article in Civl + Engineering Media Magazine

Equity in Infrastructure — Melissa Peneycad

Envision Testimonial Article

 This is an article written by James W. Patteson, P.E.,principal at Blue Heron Leadership Group, LLC