Podcast: Implementing Sustainability through Envision

Antoinette Quagliata, Manager, Sustainability Services at Dewberry, interviewed Anthony Kane, president and CEO of ISI in a podcast posted by Dewberry. She asked about emerging trends in the types of projects pursuing Envision verification, how ISI activities tie in with federal infrastructure funding, and about what’s next for ISI beyond the U.S.

But Quagliata began the interview with a question about why infrastructure owners seek Envision verification for their projects, and here is part of Kane’s response:

“The number one feedback for them is that they find the verification process leads to better project delivery, better project management, and more effective communication. Additionally, project teams find that Envision verification leads to more innovative solutions, less errors and challenges in the project.”

To hear more of the interview, access the podcast and the accompanying article in the following link: Dewberry podcast.