Paddock Solar Project

Project Overview

The Paddock Solar Project in Beloit, Wisconsin, earned an Envision Platinum award for its sustainability achievements. This solar array, owned and operated by Alliant Energy, spans approximately 420 acres and generates clean, renewable energy for customers and communities. The company estimates the 65-megawatt (MW) project will generate enough energy to power roughly 17,000 homes annually and will serve as a significant source of new local tax revenue for the town of Beloit and greater Rock County.

The Paddock Solar Project is one of a portfolio of projects supporting Alliant Energy’s transition to a more diverse energy mix. This portfolio represents a key initiative of Alliant Energy’s Clean Energy Blueprint, which serves as a roadmap to accelerate the company’s transition to renewable energy. The company has already added nearly 1,100 MW of solar generation in Wisconsin.

Alliant Energy chose to use the Envision Sustainable Infrastructure Framework for this portfolio of projects to align its project development practices with the company’s organizational sustainability strategy and goals.

Envision was designed to promote more sustainable, resilient, and equitable infrastructure projects. It is comprised of 64 sustainability and resiliency indicators (called credits) which are organized within five categories: Quality of Life, Leadership, Resource Allocation, Natural World, and Climate and Resilience. Together, the categories and credits address materials, energy, conservation, community development, planning, collaboration, human well-being, mobility, and more. Completing the verification process and earning an Envision Platinum Award for the Paddock Solar Project serves to further validate and recognize this project team’s dedicated efforts through an objective third-party source.

Verified Sustainability Achievements

Leadership in Sustainability The Paddock Solar Project supports long-term energy goals for both Alliant Energy and the state of Wisconsin. From the outset, the project team assessed potential environmental, economic, and social impacts of the project to inform sustainability objectives. The team then developed and implemented a comprehensive sustainability management plan with detailed strategies to fulfill those objectives, and allowed room for flexibility in case of changing project conditions.

Transition to Renewable Energy Alliant Energy has a company-wide goal to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions from its utility operations by 2050. The Paddock Solar Project will support this goal by generating a net positive amount of renewable energy – approximately 133,070 megawatt-hours in its first year of operation – which will help to reduce reliance on energy from fossil fuels.

Protection of Natural Resources – Alliant Energy determined the project would have a net-zero impact on the availability, quantity, and quality of freshwater in the region, and in fact might create an opportunity to support a regional watershed improvement plan. The project team implemented robust measures and controls during construction to protect the region’s surface and groundwater, which included limiting potential contamination from the project’s construction and operation and preventing off-site sediment migration.

Support for the Local Community – The project team conducted early studies and incorporated public input to inform the development of policies related to construction work schedule limitations, designated traffic routes, and a proactive roadway maintenance program. The project also employed local union workers and will provide a source of direct, long-term revenue for the local economy.


“We’re proud of our efforts to sustainably develop, construct and operate all our solar projects,” said Jeff Hanson, Director of Environmental Services and Corporate Sustainability for Alliant Energy. “We facilitated involvement with community, state and environmental stakeholders to ensure this project was an astounding success, and we’re excited for the benefits it will provide customers for the next 30 years.”

“This was always more than a solar construction project,” said Cameron Garner, Section Manager at Burns & McDonnell. “It symbolized a commitment to a greener, more sustainable future for Wisconsin.  We are proud of this accomplishment and the impact it has on future generations.”

“ISI applauds Alliant Energy’s strong commitment to its corporate sustainability goals and to the communities of Wisconsin,” said Kristi Wamstad, Verification Director at ISI. “By consistently using Envision on this portfolio of clean energy projects, the company continues to demonstrate these projects can produce sustainably-sourced energy with a design that supports the triple bottom line of people, planet, and prosperity.”

: Paddock Solar Project
Location: Beloit, Wisconsin
Envision Rating: Platinum
Envision Award Date: July 10, 2024
Project Owner: Alliant Energy
Lead Envision Firm
: Burns & McDonnell
Total Cost of Project: US$80.9 million
Project Delivery Method: Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC)
Project Status: Complete and operational
Project Website: Alliant Energy – Paddock Solar Project