Fairview Cove MCEF project in the Port of Halifax is awarded Envision Verified

The container ship ONE Magnificence at PSA Halifax Fairview Cove. Photo credit Steve Farmer.

Earning high levels of achievement across several Envision sustainability credit areas, this project will improve efficiency, safety and operations of the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) at the Port of Halifax.

The Halifax Port Authority (HPA) had long identified the need to decrease port congestion and plan for future increases in container processing demand. But the Fairview Cove Marine Container Examination Facility (MCEF) project will go much further, delivering speedier turnaround times, enhanced port security, and significant environmental and community benefits.


“Integrating sustainability into our core business practices is essential for future success,” said Captain Allan Gray, President and CEO, Halifax Port Authority. “The completed Marine Container Examination Facility will improve overall operational efficiency while advancing our sustainability goals. It can serve as a framework for future projects on our path to becoming One Port City.”

“This project is a milestone for the Halifax Port Authority and a reflection of the dedication to sustainability, collaboration and moving beyond “Business as Usual” practices,” said Jill Roth, Project Lead ENV SP.

Kristi Wamstad, ISI Verification Director, said: “ISI congratulates the Halifax Port Authority and the project partners on the success of the Fairview Cove Marine Container Examination Facility project. It optimizes rapid and reliable container inspections and helps to achieve the Port’s net-zero emission goals.”

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Tampa International Airport Master Plan Phase I Project Awarded Envision Verified

The Tampa International Airport Master Plan Phase I Project, led by Hillsborough County Aviation Authority (HCAA), has earned an Envision Verified award for sustainable infrastructure. This project enhanced community mobility, emphasized mitigation against climate change impacts, and advanced many other sustainability goals across multiple Envision credit areas. Phase I was completed in 2018 after three years of work at Tampa International, which is the 23rd-largest US airport, serving nearly 22 million passengers annually (2023 figures).


Jeff Siddle, Vice President of Planning & Development:

“This Envision-verified certification for Tampa International Airport’s Master Plan Phase 1 is a tremendous achievement for Tampa International Airport. All of TPA’s leadership is proud of this organization’s planning and development processes and its focus on our sustainability program. TPA is known for its consistently excellent customer experience, but we also want to give our travelers the peace of mind that we are devoted to protecting our surrounding natural resources and maintaining them for the future.”

Eric Caplan, Sustainability and Resilience Program Director:

“Earning this honor for these critical projects was a difficult feat, particularly because we launched our certification efforts after the completion of these projects rather than during the development process per industry standard. This is a testament to how we’re able to effectively display our commitment to sustainability through detailed documentation, and it highlights just how well we organically integrate best practices into our processes.”

Read the full announcement.

ISI’s partner, the Spanish Council of Civil Engineers, announces course on sustainable infrastructure and Envision

We are excited to announce the return of the Curso de Certificación Professional en Infraestructuras Sostenibles for Spanish-speaking members of ISI’s community. Following the first edition of this course that sold out earlier this year, the Fall 2023 offering is now open for registration, providing an opportunity for infrastructure professionals or anyone working in sustainability to earn their ENV SP credential in Spanish!

The Fall course is being offered over four Tuesdays in October (Oct. 3, 10, 17, 24). The Curso de Certificación Professional en Infraestructuras Sostenibles is a joint collaboration between the Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos Canales y Puertos, or Spanish Council of Civil Engineers, Tecniberia and ISI. 

Link to registration and more information.