Tampa International Airport Master Plan Phase I Project Awarded Envision Verified

The Tampa International Airport Master Plan Phase I Project, led by Hillsborough County Aviation Authority (HCAA), has earned an Envision Verified award for sustainable infrastructure. This project enhanced community mobility, emphasized mitigation against climate change impacts, and advanced many other sustainability goals across multiple Envision credit areas. Phase I was completed in 2018 after three years of work at Tampa International, which is the 23rd-largest US airport, serving nearly 22 million passengers annually (2023 figures).


Jeff Siddle, Vice President of Planning & Development:

“This Envision-verified certification for Tampa International Airport’s Master Plan Phase 1 is a tremendous achievement for Tampa International Airport. All of TPA’s leadership is proud of this organization’s planning and development processes and its focus on our sustainability program. TPA is known for its consistently excellent customer experience, but we also want to give our travelers the peace of mind that we are devoted to protecting our surrounding natural resources and maintaining them for the future.”

Eric Caplan, Sustainability and Resilience Program Director:

“Earning this honor for these critical projects was a difficult feat, particularly because we launched our certification efforts after the completion of these projects rather than during the development process per industry standard. This is a testament to how we’re able to effectively display our commitment to sustainability through detailed documentation, and it highlights just how well we organically integrate best practices into our processes.”

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