ISI’s partner, the Spanish Council of Civil Engineers, announces course on sustainable infrastructure and Envision

We at ISI are excited to announce that for the Spanish-speaking members of our community, our partner, the Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos Canales y Puertos, or Spanish Council of Civil Engineers, is offering the following professional training course on sustainable infrastructure and Envision in June: Curso de Certificación Profesional en Infraestructuras Sostenibles — Todos los miércoles de junio de 17 a 19 horas. Brochure in Spanish.

This course that will introduce participants to sustainable infrastructure concepts and the Envision framework is the fruit of a collaboration agreement announced last year between the Colegio, Tecniberia (Spain’s foremost association of engineering companies) and the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure. The training will be led by Cristina Contreras Casado, the Founder & Managing Director of Sinfranova, formerly a Research Associate at Harvard University, in the Zofnass Research Program. Cristina is an ISI-approved trainer with a stellar resume of involvement in sustainable infrastructure initiatives. Bio.

Formato y material didáctico
El curso será impartido en español y el material suministrado será en inglés. Este curso de formación habilitará a los participantes para realizar el examen de acreditación como profesional Envision (ENV-SP). Representa y capacita a los asistentes en la identificación y aplicación de buenas prácticas en materia de sostenibilidad. Los acreditados tendrán acceso a la base de dato y los recursos disponibles del ISI de aplicación directa a los diferentes proyectos de infraestructuras. Las tasas correspondientes al examen online están incluidas dentro del importe del curso.

Detalles e inscripciones

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Format and course material
The course will be taught in Spanish and the material provided will be in English. Participants will be able to take the Envision Sustainability Professional official exam (ENV SP) on completion of the training, which is designed to strengthen their understanding of how to identify and apply best practices in sustainability. Learning will be informed by actual project examples and the relevant ISI resources supporting direct application of sustainable infrastructure approaches on different infrastructure projects. Fees for the online ENV SP exam are included with the cost of the course.

Details and registration