ASCE & ISI Partner for Envision Training in November

The American Society of Civil Engineers, in partnership with Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure, is hosting a live virtual credentialing class for folks who wish to become Envision Sustainability Professionals (ENV SPs). Michael F. Bloom, PE, ENV SP will be the instructor for the class, which will be conducted over two partial days in early November 2021.

Register here:  ASCE members receive an additional 100-dollar discount.

November 8 & 9
Date and Time: 11:00 a.m.  – 3:30pm ET



STM’s Underground Garage near the Côte-Vertu Metro station in Montréal earns Envision Platinum for Sustainable Infrastructure

STM’s Underground Garage near the Côte-Vertu Metro station in Montréal earns Envision Platinum for Sustainable Infrastructure

–French Translation Follows–

The Garage souterrain pour voitures de métro a proximité de la station Côte-Vertu (Côte-Vertu garage) project was conceptualized in response to a need for an accessible location to maintain and park trains while relieving mounting pressure on a busy and growing metro network. The underground garage comprises a 10-story building that includes a track for trains to circulate from the Côte-Vertu station to the garage, a large area with a network of tracks to divert trains once they arrive, and three underground tunnels, including two tunnels to park and one to maintain trains.

The goals of the project are to:

  • Provide a parking area for trains
  • Increase the capacity of the metro network, enabling the addition of trains on the Orange line, thereby increasing service frequency during rush hour
  • Support the anticipated growth of the metro network over the next ten years
  • Ensure enough capacity for the eventual expansion of the Blue line.

View the entire announcement in the Project Awards Directory.

–French Translation–

Le projet de garage souterrain pour voitures de métro (Garage Côte-Vertu) de la Société de transport de Montréal (STM), a été conçu en réponse à plusieurs besoins dont celui d’avoir un endroit accessible pour entretenir les trains et celui d’équilibrer les espaces de stationnement aux extrémités de la ligne desservie. Situé à proximité de la station Côte-Vertu, il permettra une plus grande fréquence de passages afin de soulager la pression croissante sur une ligne de métro déjà chargée. Le garage Côte-Vertu est constitué de trois bâtiments de surface, dont un bâtiment de dix étages qui plonge sous terre jusqu’aux tunnels pour y loger un atelier d’entretien. Le projet comporte aussi une voie de raccordement pour que les trains puissent accéder au garage à partir de la station terminale Côte-Vertu et un imposant faisceau avec plusieurs appareils de voies pour guider les trains vers l’un des trois tunnels.

Les objectifs du projet sont de:

  • Ajouter dix espaces de stationnement pour les trains du métro ;
  • Augmenter la capacité du réseau de métro avec l’ajout de trains sur la ligne orange ce qui accroitra la fréquence de service jusqu’à 25 % aux heures de pointe ;
  • Soutenir la croissance de l’achalandage prévue pour les prochaines années;
  • Augmenter l’offre de service en vue du prolongement de la ligne bleue.

Projet vérifié par Envision

Howard County’s Biosolids Processing Facility Improvements Project at the Little Patuxent Water Reclamation Plant Earns Envision Silver

Congratulations to the project team who worked on Howard County’s Biosolids Processing Facility Improvements Project at the Little Patuxent Water Reclamation Plant for earning an Envision Silver award for sustainability.  Howard County, HDR, and Clark Construction collaborated on this project.

The county’s 2013 Biosolids Master Plan study calls for replacing the current biosolids stabilization practice with anaerobic digestion and direct heat-drying to meet very high standards for pollutants, pathogens, and vector attraction reduction. Anaerobic digestion and direct heat-drying produce a more versatile biosolids product suitable for selling to citizens.

The project team used Envision to benefit the community, demonstrate accountability, and achieve the following key sustainability goals:

  • Stimulating sustainable growth and development
  • Finding beneficial uses for waste products
  • Use of recycled and regionally sourced materials
  • Reducing excavated materials taken off-site

Visit the Awards Directory to learn more about the project.

Capturing & Removing CO2 from the Air

One of the most important ISI podcasts of the year! On October 13, at 12:30 pm ET, we will talk  about capturing and removing carbon dioxide and combating climate change. This “Sustain it or Explain it” (SOE) #LinkedInlive video podcast will educate participants about the current and evolving landscape of carbon dioxide removal applications and innovation, especially as it applies to civil infrastructure. The podcast discussion will also provide insights into alternative, peer-based methods of activism, advocacy, and impact, and feature opportunities for participation. Chris Neidl, co-founder of the OpenAir Collective, will join us to discuss how you can make a difference!

OpenAir is a GLOBAL VOLUNTEER NETWORK that is accelerating carbon dioxide removal advancement through collaborative member-driven advocacy and R&D.

In this live video podcast, Neidl will provide an overview the collective’s growing activities, the critical necessity of carbon removal as a component of any effective response to the climate emergency, and how distributed networks and volunteer open-source production is driving real world change.

Envision Sustainability Professionals (ENV SPs) are encouraged to engage in the conversation and join the OpenAir community, if they care about carbon dioxide removal.

This podcast will also identify key technology-and-policy trends that are driving change when it comes to carbon removal in the architecture, engineering, and construction(a/e/c) industry.

Date & Time: October 13 at 9:30 PT, 10:30 MT, 11:30 am CT, 12:30 pm ET, 1:30 pm Atlantic time.

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Thank-you Note / ISI’s August Bogo Results

ISI held a “Buy-One, Gift-One” promotional offer in August, and it was highly successful in achieving its goal. One-hundred individuals purchased an Envision training credit to become Envision Sustainability Professionals (ENV SPs). That means, 100 academic students earned a FREE Envision training credit.

This month, ISI’s Educational director Lindsey Geiger contacted the academic institutions below to donate the training credits to interested students.

  • Virginia Tech
  • University of Guelph
  • University of Calgary
  • Brigham Young University – Idaho
  • California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo
  • Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Michigan State University
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

If you have any questions about earning your ENV SP credential or ISI’s August BOGO give-away, please contact ISI at

Again, thanks to everyone who purchased an Envision training.  Your generosity is an investment not only in yourself but also others!

King County’s Sunset / Heathfield Pump Station and Force Main Upgrade Project Earns Envision Silver Award for Sustainability

The Sunset and Heathfield Pump Stations and related force main pipes sends sewage from Sammamish, Issaquah, and Bellevue to be cleaned at King County Wastewater Treatment Division’s (WTD) South Treatment Plant in Renton, Washington. For nearly 50 years, these stations served the area reliably but were reaching their operational limits. The goal of the project was to upgrade the Sunset and Heathfield pump stations and the connected force main pipe to ensure WTD can continue serving a growing population for many more years to come.

King County selected the Envision framework for this project due to its comprehensive nature and relevance to an industrial infrastructure project. The Envision rating system encourages sustainable, equitable, and resilient design, construction, operations, and maintenance processes and practices throughout a project’s lifecycle.

King County WTD staff led the Envision submission for this project and worked closely with Stantec Consulting, the prime architecture and engineering firm.

You can view the entire Project Profile announcement in the Project Awards Directory.


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Promotion: Buy One, Gift One


Would you like the chance to give back while also learning ISI’s Envision® framework?

In August, ISI will hold a special ‘Buy One, Gift One’
promotion to help students learn Envision.

Your purchase of an Envision training can truly make a difference
for a student wanting to be credentialed in Envision sustainability.  

For every ENV SP training purchased in August, ISI will issue a free ENV SP training credit to a full-time academic student. In other words, buy one Envision training credit and ISI will donate one free training credit to a student.

If your organization wants to purchase more than one Envision training credit (bulk purchases), ISI will match the amount purchased.
For example, purchase 10 credits, 10 students will benefit from your generosity. Purchase 20 credits, 20 students will benefit. You get the picture.
Whatever amount you purchase, ISI will match!


Choose the student / university recipient or let ISI choose for you:
When you purchase a training credit for yourself or your employees, you can “designate” a student or a university class to benefit.  Either that, or let ISI choose the recipient(s) for you.

ISI will tally the Envision purchases in September, and we will add the appropriate number of credits to  academic accounts.

  • To “sponsor” a student, e-mail ISI and give us the student’s name, e-mail address, and university information, so we can ensure they receive the free training credit.
  • If you are a private organization or public-sector agency and you purchase bulk training credits, you can
    e-mail ISI and sponsor a university class of your choosing.


No worries if you fail to designate a student or university class, we will reach out to individuals and universities in September and allocate the appropriate number of credits.

Promotion Expiration:
The promotion expires on August 31st at midnight, so purchase training today on ISI’s Envision dashboard


ENV SP Training Information:
Please feel free to share this information with a student or someone who may benefit from the promotion.

An ENV SP credential is valid for one year, and continuing education is required beyond that for
ENV SPs to maintain their credential. Continuing education ensures that ENV SPs maintain
knowledge of the latest sustainability practices, and that they are well versed on new approaches,
innovations, and issues relevant to sustainable infrastructure.

The online course provides individuals the opportunity to complete the online training at their own pace. The online course consists of seven (1-hour) self-paced modules. Upon completion of the modules, the individual accesses the online ENV SP exam.

ISI Provides:
• ENV SP credential certificate
• PDH certificate of completion
• Direct customer support

• Public-sector employees: $250
• Private-sector employees (ISI members): $700
• Private sector (non-members): $850

Bulk pricing: a 10% discount is offered for the purchase of 10 or more online courses. The online
training courses must be initiated within one year of purchase.

Download the “Buy One, Get One” promotional one-pager to share with others who may be interested in Envision training. You can also view the ISI e-newsletter

Miami-Dade County’s Dolphin Station Park-And-Ride/Transit Terminal Facility Awarded Envision Bronze for Sustainability

Miami-Dade County’s Dolphin Station Park-And-Ride/Transit Terminal Facility
Awarded Envision Bronze for Sustainability

Washington, D.C. — July 27, 2021 — After undergoing Envision Verification, the Miami-Dade County’s Dolphin Station Park-and-Ride / Transit Terminal Facility has been awarded an Envision Bronze award for sustainability.

The Dolphin Station Park-and-Ride/Transit Terminal Facility officially opened in March 2020. Its purpose is to offer customers a safe, comfortable, and convenient transportation option that connects major employment areas and reduces traffic congestion.

The following are a few key sustainability achievements verified: 

  • Supports current and future economic growth and development. This project creates new capacity in the East-West corridor supporting commercial growth and future business opportunities. During construction, this project created more than 100 jobs, 32 of which were from small and local businesses.
  • More than 700 vehicles can be taken off the roads by planning and designing this project to encourage the community to use public transportation. The project eases traffic congestion and improves mobility which in turn supports a more livable community. In addition, this project is expected to have positive impacts on air quality by transitioning more cars to electric and fostering more bus usage.

To learn more about what makes this project sustainable, resilient, and equitable, please view the Project Profile Announcement in the Project Award’s Directory. You can also read Miami-Dade County’s press release.